Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas

Scrapbook  With  Pictures

Corp. Richard L. Hopson
USMC - Korea - 1953

Pfc. Weaver C. Jordan
World War II

Cpl Loren B. Watson
World War II



Sgt George B. Hull
1942 - 1961

AD3 Billy W. Mims
Navy  1950 - 1954

Jack B. Waddington, CDR
Navy 1953 - 1979  Ranger

Lloys S. Waddington, Jr. Capt
Army Air Corp  -  WWII
George Hull, upper left unloading
a shipment of 1000 lb bombs in
England in 1943

The Famous Times Square Kiss
In 1945 At The End of
World War II.

Norman E. Davenport, Lt Col
Army - WWII & Korea, Ranger
Served 33 months with the First
Cavalry in the Pacific Theater in