Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas


Veterans  Serving  During  Peace  Time

If you know of anyone that is not  listed.  Please go to the "Information Form"
below and submit their name, rank, branch of service, died in action and  name
of cemetery, if deceased.
Appreciate your interest in making this a complete list of
veterans of  Eastland County, Texas. 

These are Veterans that served during Peace Time, but
were trained and ready if the need should arise.


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   "X"  -  Died in Action
X Name Rank Branch Years Cemetery
  Ables, Matthew   Navy 1984-88 Gorman
  Alexander, Melvin Joe MSgt Air Force 1952-74 Evergreen
  Armstrong, Ward Cane Pvt AAC 1936-38 Eastland 1944
  Baker, Ollie Dale A/1c Air Force 1949-53  
  Baker, Tommy J.   Air Force 1946-66 Murray 2004
  Bashma, Jerry Don   Air Force 1959-  
  Beaty, Joe Sp4 Army 1958-60 Eastland 2000
  Beck, Billie D. Cpl Air Force 1946-49  
  Bennie, Robert U. 1st Sgt Army 1961-81 Oakwood 7-12-06
  Binger, Alfred T. Sr. A/1c Air Force 1960-64  
  Black, Ealy M. MSgt Army 1963-88  
  Bonney, Charles E. Colonel Army 1957-  
  Brooks, Ward Ray   Air Force 1988-90 Burkburnett City
  Broussard, W. Roy MSG E8 Army 1970-96  
  Bryant, Lonnie Gene Pfc Army 1949-51 Eastland 1956
  Burkhart, George W. Pvt Army   Eastland 1952
  Burkhaulter, Don E. Major Air Force 1972-92  
  Bush, Ronald C. FN Naval Res 1965-71  
  Bush, Thomas L. M/Sgt E-8 Army 1953-74  
  Callison, Robert Lynn Pfc Army 1972-74 San Hill 8-7-2009 S.H
  Calvert, Charles W. Sgt E5 Army 1973-79  
  Calvert, Jeanne C. E4 Army 1974-77  
  Canner, William E. Mr2c Navy 1954-58  
  Cannistraci, Charles D. Tec/Sgt Air Force 1956-60  
  Caraway, Bo E7 N.G. 1968-75  
  Carlisle, Jerry Steve   Navy 1968-88 Cremated  1-11-2013
  Carmack, Mel E8 Navy 1976-04  
  Carter, Silas E. Pfc Army 1948-50  
  Caudle, Arthur Harold Pfc Army 1948-51  
  Chestnut, Johnny A. SSgt Air Force 1959-  
  Chriesman, Edward L. (PC)   Air Force 1972-76 Oakwood 2003
  Clark, Bobby L. E-4 Navy 1974-78  
  Clower, Dennis F. Spec4 Army 1961-63  
  Coats, James R. (Bud)   Navy 1934-38 Oakwood 10-27-2012
  Conner, Mark Eugene A1c Air Force 1982-86 Eastland 1986
  Cox, Douglas E. Pfc Marines 1974-76 Eastland 1995
  Cox, Jamie, Dr. Med Spec Air Force ?  
  Cummings, Thomas E. ABF3 Navy 1959-1963  
  Davies, Darold L. HMC/E-7 Navy 1970-90  
  Deibert, Wilbur   Air Force 1946-48 8/26/2002
  Dixon, Duke Edward   Army 1955-  
  Donovan, Richard L. Major Army 1967-74  
  Dorsett, Jimmie Don Chief Master Air Force 1953-84  
  Durall, Edward Pvt Army   Eastland 1946
  Edwards, Donald G. Sfc Army 1970-90  
  Epley, Billy Ray Pfc Army 1958-60 May -  June 21, 2009
  Erwin, Larry Benson Pfc Army 1970-72 Ranger 1-14-2015
  Espinoza, Shawn Michael   Army 1992-94 Oaklawn 2002
  Eubank, Paul H. Sgt Air Force   Eastland 1982
  Eudy, Dorothy Jane HM-2 Navy Reserve 1983-90  
  Eudy, William James (Bill) ABE-1 Navy 1949-68  
  Fairbanks, Walter   Coast Guard 1990-94  
  Farrar, James P. HM3 Navy Reserve 1972-78  
  Feagan, Henry W. Pvt Army   Eastland 1974
  Fields, Ted Louis M/SGT TNG    
  Fletcher, Dan E. Pfc Army 1956-58 Arkansas State Veterans
Little Rock - 2005
  Fonville, Phillip R. RMCS/SS Navy 1973-77
  Fortenberry, Michael Pfc Army 1993-95  
  Frank, Ralph Berlin SP4 Army 1958-61  
  Fron, Michael Robert   Marines 1960-  
  Funderburgh, Jr., Cecil W. E-3 Air Force 1959-63  
  Gailey, Benny Lee   NG 1958- Deceased
  Gentry, Doyle   Air Force 1954-57 Evergreen 2002
  Gibbons, William W. CM2 Navy   Eastland 1974
  Gibson, Eddy Cpl Marines 1984-88  
  Gibson, Eddy Sgt Army 1989-96  
  Gohike, Luther R. (M.D.) Capt Army 1961-69  
  Graham, Billy Max LCDR Navy 1948-72 McAlester - Memory Gardens
June 19, 2012
  Graham, Mark MP Army 1984-88  
  Greenwood, Waymond Eugene Pvt Army 1957-59 Ranger 2014
  Greer, Jerry Bob Pfc Army 1957-59 Ranger 2004
  Gregg, Robert E. AD2 Navy 1977-98  
  Gregg, Tina. M. Simington AZ3 Navy 1988-92  
  Grieger, Wallace Joahn Major Air Force   Eastland 1974
  Groce, Donald Bruce SCB Navy 1967-89 Ross-Baird  11-4-08
  Hardeman, William P. Major Air Force   Eastland 1993
  Harper, Oscar Cook Army   Eastland 1939
  Harr, Richard Glen Pfc Army 1975-77 Ranger 1-21-16
  Harris, Clifford   Air Force 1955- Deceased
  Harris, Jack Carter   Air Force   Eastland 1997
  Hatfield, Bennie   Air Force 1955-  
  Hatton, David T A1c Air Force 2004-  
  Heatherington, Ralph Derwood Cpl Marine 1956-58  
  Hickerson, Stanley Evan ET1 Navy   Eastland 1976
  Hill, Weldon C. PFC Army 1956-58,61  
  Hinds, Paul Tipton 2nd Lt Army 1957-1962  
  Hinds, Tommy   Army 1954 Deceased
  Hixson, Tommy E. Sfc Army 1953-56  
  Hodge, Garry M Sgt Major Army 1955-75 Lansing, Michigan  1977
  Hodge, Joellen Cpl Army 1976-80  
  Hopkins, Justin Dale P2c Navy Seabees 1998-06  
  Hughes, Theresa E-3 Air Force 1978-80  
  Hull, Herman Don Spec4 Army    
  Hutchins, Jr., Walter Pfc Army 1960-63 Ranger 2005
  Ingram, Bobby Ray Sfc Army 1959-1979 Oakwood  2-14-2010
  Ingram, James Howard T/Sgt Air Force 1955-77  
  Isbell, Michael Wayne 2 Lt Air Force 1972-76  
  Jacoby, Eddie   Army 1957 Deceased
  Jinks, Ana Mae Mathena 2nd Lt Army   Eastland 2000
  Johnson, Billy Jack Cpl Marines 1946-49 Eastland 1991
  Johnson, Kenneth E4 Army 1961-62  
  Johnson, Robert F. (Bobby) Spc Army 1970-95  
  Jordan, Otis Ray S/Sgt Army 1961-62  
  Joyce, James C. Sgt Army ?  
  Keith, Billy A. Sgt Air Force 1958-62  
  Keith, Micheal ABH3 Navy 1976-80  
  King, B.H. Brownie Herbert A2c Air Force 1956-58  
  King, James R. S/Sgt Tx Air NG 1989-98  
  Kleven, Dennis L. MSgt Air Force 1960-80  
  Lang, Thomas G. 2c Army 1919-26 Evergreen
  Lanham, Stephen W.   Navy 1956-58 Potosi  4-15-2008
  Latham, Robert B. Pfc Army 1955-57  
  Lawson, Billy C. Sfc Army 1958-  
  Lawson, Joe Charles   Air Force 1956-1976? Ft Sam Houston
National 2-5-07
  Linden, E. Michael Spc 4 Army 1997-01  
  Little, Bobbie Lee Corp Army 1952-54  
  Little, Charles Edward Corp Army 1968-68  
  Little, Roice Earl Corp Army 1952-54 Simpson 2003
  Lowrance, Randall L. Pfc N.G. 1971-77 Eastland  6-9-2009
  Lusk, Beryl Michael TSgt Air Force 1971-91  
  Mabry, Wilton V. CS3 Navy 1956-60  
  Mace, Charlie F. Sgt Air Force 1985-90  
  Makin, Douglas W. SSgt Air Force 1956-60  
  Makin, Douglas W., Jr. Sgt Army 1981-85  
  Makin, Les Sfc Army 1999-02  
  Makin, Reuben Sgt Army 1999-03  
  Mathis, J. W. Corp Army 1955-59 New Gordon  11-2-2006
  May, Jewel D. (JD) 1stSgt ANG 1956-76  
  McBeth, Jerry D. SSgt Air Force 1957-69  
  McCrary, Darby D. SP-4 Army 1959-62  
  McKinzie, James T. E-9 Navy 1970-99  
  McMullen, Freddie R.   Air Force 1949-53 Oaklawn 11-4-15
  Miller, Edward H. Corp Army 1955-57 Romney Lutheran
  Miller, John F.   Navy   Eastland 1998
  Miller, Robert (Bob)   Navy 1946-48  
  Mitchell, Roy Ray S Sgt Air Force   Eastland 1995
  Moore, W. G. 'Bill'   Navy 1946-48 Albany  4-22-2009
  Muirhead, Joseph William Pfc Army 1954-56 Eastland 2001
  Nelson, Amber (Wende) E4 Air Force 1998-02  
  Neville, Donald R. EN-2 Navy 1955-59  
  Nichols, Billy Mac SP-4 Army 1958-61  
  Norris, David Alan Major Air Force 1980-92  
  O'Brien, H. V. Sgt Army 1954-56  
  Ogden, Jr., Billie Joe S-M/Sgt Air Force 1951-81 Merriman  9-30-2008
  O'Rourke, Earl R. Pvt Army   Eastland 1937
  Patton, Richard G. MSgt Air Force 1976-96  
  Payne, Melvin R.(Ronnie)   Air Force 1960-63 Scranton 2005
  Pelfrey, Carol Duane   Navy 1956-50 Eastland 2003
  Perry, Joe Petty Of 2nd Navy 1985-88  
  Phillips, Ewell C. Jr. Capt Army    
  Pleasant, Richard Gary E-4 Navy 1974-80  
  Pope, Tommy L. Lt Commander Navy 1956-60 Crane, TX 5-23-06
  Porter, Don Sgt E5 Army 1973-76  
  Powell, John Clinton SP4 Army 1957-59 Murray 1983
  Powell, Lonnie C. Cpl Marines   Eastland 1985
  Purdy, Edwin D. E-7 Navy 1987-01+  
  Ralls, Charles H. CWO Army 1956-79 Oakwood
  Ramsey, Richard W. SSgt Army Inf 1975-85 Eastland  1-10-2009
  Ray, Morrell Herman C/MSgt Air Force 1948-80 Scranton  9-15-06
  Reed, Hugh Paul   Army   Eastland 1958
  Reed, Ronnie Pfc Army 1996-98 Hart-Breckenridge 
  Reed, Windell D   Army   Eastland 1999
  Rhyme, Horace Ray A2C Air Force   Eastland 1995
  Rice, Jr., Cone Carroll 'Bud' 2nd Lt Navy 1954-61 Burial at Sea 2006
  Richter, Clarence Raymond   Air Force 1946-49 Nimrod 6-13-2014
  Ritchey, Sammy Ray   Air Force 1951-72 Merriman 2002
  Robinette, William H. Sfc Army 1985-05  
  Robinson, Ronald Gayle Sfc Navy 1958-62 Johnson(Moran)2003
  Rosales, Frank T/5 Army 1945-46 Oakwood
  Roseberry, Jack Cloye Pfc Army 1948-50 Tx State - Abilene
  Ross, Joe H. E4 Army 1953-1955  
  Sanders, Kenneth Melvin   Air Force abt 1969 Oakwood
  Schlumbohm, Duane F. (Buck) SMSGT Air Force 1968-99  
  Seabourn, Joe A2c Air Force 1960-64  
  Simmons, Robert   N.Seabees 1960  
  Slaten, James H. Pvt Army   Eastland 1926
  Sledge, Lanny Submarines Navy 1960-82 Bullock 2004
  Smith, Christopher Shane SSG Army 1997-04+  
  Smith,Jr. Fredrick Kearby PFC Army 1955-56  
  Spencer, Richard Byron Colonel Air Force 1954-74 DeLeon 2003
  Spillman, Dennis E. Major Army NG 1975-79
  Starkey, Kenneth W.   Air Force 1958-62  
  Steddum, Rabb S1 Navy   Eastland 1973
  Stephenson, Jack E. Corp Army 1952-54  
  Stephenson, Jack D. PFC Army 1963-65  
  Stewart, Joe E. MSgt Air Force 1959-70  
  Struck, Robert D. LCpl Marines 1988-92  
  Tate, Bill R   Army 1957-60 Merriman 2005
  Teatsorth, Paul Jennings   Navy   Eastland 1983
  Thomas, Allen G. PFC Army   Eastland 1998
  Thompson, Arl W. C-Sgt-Maj Army 1947-76  
  Tucker, Bobby Lee SP3 Army 1957-59  
  Tucker, Jr.,  Jack Hubert       Eastland  1999
  Tucker, Kenneth D.   Air Force 1979-83 Hooks, TX 2002
  Underhill, Kenneth W. CWO-4 Marines 1958-2001  
  Van Cleave, Larry R. Sfc Army 1955-66  
  Vernon, Don M. 1st Sgt Army 1971-95  
  Viehmann, Machael J. E-4 Navy,Sea 1989-92  
  Viehmann, Richard L., Sr. BucE5 Navy 1962-81  
  Viehmann, Richard L., Jr E-5 Army 1988-91  
  Waddington, Jack Bob  + CDR Navy 1953-79  
Walker, Charles G. + Lt Col Air Force 1949-75
  Walker, David J. "D.J." E-4 Navy Seabees 1973-77  
  Walker, Vernon R. A/2C Air Force 1955-59  
  Walston, Robert 'Bob' B.   Air Force 19??-92 Shady 2004
  Walton, Hal E. Chief Warrant Off Navy/Army 1954-75  
  Waters, Albet Bartlett, Jr. PFC Army   Eastland 1991
  Watson, Jack W. MSgt Air Force 1967-91  
  Webb, Nancy E-6 Army Medical 1958-60  
  Weeden, Truman Frank A3C Air Force   Eastland 1993
  Wende, Todd HM1/E6 Navy 1994-01  
  West, John Darrel   Air Force 1947-67 Chute - DeWitt,AR
  West, Lance E. Sgt E5 Army 1997-03  
  Wharton, David   Army 1958-  
  White, Howard F., Sr. Pvt Army   Eastland 1974
  White, Jerry Don   Air Force 1956 Deceased
  Wier, Donald Kenneth   Army 1958 Deceased
  Williamson, Bobby D. E-7 Marines 1971-77  
  Wingate, Garold Lee, Jr. A1C Air Force   Eastland 1983
  Wood, William Lewis QM2-E5 Navy 1963-67  
  Woolsey, Hollis Don E6 TxArNG 1970-85  
  Work, Nugent E. Pvt Army   Eastland 1936
  Yarbrough, Boone Carroll Pfc Army 1959-61 Merriman
  Ziehr, Carl Arthur Pfc Army 1955-57 Redeemer Lutheran-1-3-2012
  Ziehr,  Joe Dalton Sgt/1C Army 1961-62  


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