Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas


Bosnia War

If you know of anyone that is not  listed.  Please go to the "Information Form"
below and submit their name, rank, branch of service, died in action and  name
of cemetery, if deceased.
Appreciate your interest in making this a complete list of
veterans of  Eastland County, Texas.

Proud   Sponsors
of  the
Eastland  County
Veterans  List

US Chopper
   "X"  -  Died in Action
X Name Rank Branch Cemetery
  Butler, D. Robert First Sgt Army  
  Davis, Ian E. SSG Army  
  Johnson, Christian L. SFC Army  
  Spillman, Dennis E. Major Army NG  

Information  Form
Full  Name & Initial
Branch  of  Service
Which  War/s or Years
Lived in What Town
Cemetery, if deceased &year
Submitted by
Phone number
Other information





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