Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas


Civil  War   1861  -  1865

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Gibbs, John A Parrish, J.L.


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First Official Confederate
Battle Flag - March 1861 -
May 1863


     "X"  -  Died in Action

"X" Name Rank Branch Cemetery
  Abbott, J. J. x   Oakwood
  Abraham, August E. x   Lutheran
  Acker, C. C. x   Pioneer
  Adamsono, John x   Oakwood
  Agnew, Andrew James 1st Lt CSA Rising Star
  Ainsworth, L. C. (Larkin) x Cavalry Cook
  Allen, David x   Pioneer
  Allen, D. J. x   Carbon Restland
  Allen, J. R. x   Pleasant Grove
  Anderson, T. W. x   Rising Star
  Anderson, W. Houston     Desdemona
  Armstrong, Samuel W.   Infantry Eastland
  Arthur, William Houston Cpl Infantry Eastland 1930
  Askew, P. C. x Infantry Howard
  Barnes, J. C. x   Rising Star
  Barnes, J. E. x   Bullock
  Barton, B. A.   Cavalry Howard
  Bateman, J. P x Cavalry Brewer
  Beard, James Henry x   Eastland 1904
  Bearden, R. E. x Infantry Oakwood
  Bedford, John Pvt Army California
  Bedford, Jonas Monroe Capt Army Eastland 1898
  Berry, J. T. x   Merriman
  Bibby, Julius A. x   Oakwood
  Bishop, E. S. x   Pioneer
  Black, J. J. x   Sabanno
  Blackwell, A. J. x   Alameda
  Blackwell. J. G. x   Alameda
  Bonaparte, L. Pate 2nd Lt Cavalry Pisgah
  Bond, N. S. x   Flatwood 1907
  Boulware, R. H. x Cavalry Rising Star
  Bowden, William. Sebastian x Infantry Rising Star
  Bowles, B. F.   Infantry Desdemona
  Bowles, S. B. x   Eastland
  Bradfield, J. R. x   Eastland 1916
  Brashears, John W. x Infantry Providence
  Brewer. Martin Van Buren x Infantry Eastland 1937
  Brian,  Aaron A. Sgt Infantry Gorman
  Britton, John A. x   Oakwood
  Brooks, G. W. x   Rising Star
  Brooks, Hiram W. x Cavalry Pioneer
  Brooks, Perry D. x Infantry Romney
  Brooks, Willis Swan x   Evergreen
  Brown, C. R. x   Brown
  Brown, E. x   Elm
  Brown,  W. M.   Infantry Evergreen
  Byrant, A. W. x   Monroe
  Butler,  James  Asberry Pvt Infantry Merriman
  Byerly, Fred x Infantry Rising Star
  Byrd, Jesse W. x   Flatwood 1905
  Caghren, W. F. x Infantry Gorman
  Campbell Emmette   Infanrty Co.G 28th, IL.
  Carman, W. F. x Cavalry Tudor
  Carr, Robert A.   Infantry Pisgah
  Carswell,  Robert B. Sgt Infantry Oakwood
  Carter, Silas  Monk Pvt Cavalry Eastland 1933
  Chastain, Benton F. x   Eastland 1915
  Childs, R. B. Sgt Infantry Oakwood
  Choat, William T. x   Kokomo
  Choate, S. E. x Infantry Corinth
  Clark, Berry x Cavalry Gorman
  Clark, John M. x   Rising Star
  Clarke, William B. x Infantry Eastland 1928
  Colburn, G. H.     Eastland 1932
  Collie, Thomas M. x Infantry Oakwood
  Collins, James H. x Infantry Brown
  Collins, James M. x   Tudor
  Cone, Henry x Infantry Oakwood
  Conner, S. S. s   Eastland 1899
  Cook, A. F. x   Cook
  Cooper, C. M. x   Rising Star
  Cooper, J. M. x   Rising Star
  Cooper, T. L. x   Gorman
  Copeland, Solomon Francis Pvt Cavalry Pioneer
Ranger, Tx
  Cox, Joseph B. x   Eastland 1918
  Cox, T. H. x   Rising Star
  Cozart, W. A. x   Lane
  Crossley, Pleas G. x Cavalry Eastland 1908
  Cunningham, John x   Gorman
  Curry, A. M. Capt Infantry Pioneer
  Dabney, Nathan Ellis x Cavalry Dabney
  Daniel, F. M. x   Desdemona
  Daniel, J. M. x   Oakwood
  Davenport, John A. Pvt Infantry Pioneer
  Davenport, O. F. Pvt Cavalry Pioneer
  Davis, J. S. x   Eastland 1921
  Day, William H. x   Eastland 1910
  Deans, Jeptha Jefferson   Infantry Star 1900
  Decker,  Amsy  C.   Infantry Gorman
  Deens, Jeptha Jefferson Cap AL Infantry Rising Star
  Denton, A. J. x Infantry Gorman
  DeShazo, John x   Eastland
  Dillon, J. S., Dr. x   Flatwood 1906
  Dingle, Johnson Cpl Infantry Pisgah
  Dingler, Isaac A. x   Carbon Restland
  Dooley, J. L. x Cavalry Eastland 1912
  Drake,  James  G.   Cavalry Pleasant Valley
  Drake,  Thomas  J.   Cavalry Eastland
  Dunlin, G. A. x Cavalry Eastland 1882
  Duncan,  E.   Infantry Merriman
  Duncan, W. B. x   Rising Star
  Duncan, W. T. x Cavalry Jewel
  Earp, Josiah x Infantry Elm
  Edmondson, J. B. x Infantry Alameda
  Edwards, F. C. x   Rising Star
  Edwards, J. J., Dr. x   Oakwood
  Edwardes, Josephus x Infantry Eastland 1911
  Ellington,  Henry  C. Pvt Infantry Flatwood
  Ellison, J. M. x   Ellison Springs
  Embrey, Francis Marion x Cavalry Rising Star
  Ernest, H. C. x   Gorman
  Erwin, William A. x Cavalry Pioneer
  Evans, Jackson, Dr. x   Evan Family
  Falls, J. T. x   Merriman
  Ferguson, Joseph x   Carbon Restland
  Fleming, A. J. x   Brown
  Foster, A. J. x   Pisgah
  Foster, G. W. x   Elm
  Foster, M.B.A   Cavalry McGough
  Foster, Thomas G. x Cavalry Flatwood
  Free, Elbert Sgt Cavalry Monroe
  Gamill, J. A. x Infantry Alameda
  Gardnew, Wm Jasper x   Sabanno
  Garrett, W. V. x Infantry Gorman
  Gaston, Jas P. x Infantry Rising Star
  Gatewood, J. H. x   Eastland 1911

These Confederate Soldiers Names Were Acquired From Several Sources. To Verify Their Service, Please
Contact The National Archives For Veterans Records And Request (NATF Form 80). Sometimes They
Are Available At Your Local VA  Office.  Would Appreciate Any Input You Might Have.

Send your information to webb7676@yahoo.com

Copy & Paste the below information

Full Name & Initial
Branch of Service
Which War/s or Years
Lived in What Town
Cemetery, if deceased & year
Submitted by E-mail
Other information if any


Confederate Veterans
Marker Dedicated
May 12, 2001
Eastland Cemetery

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49  Confederate
Soldiers  Buried
in  the
Eastland  Cemetery

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Cannon built from original
blueprints in Cleburne, TX

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Rifle  Salute





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