Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas


Desert  Storm     1990 - 1991

If you know of anyone that is not  listed.  Please go to the "Information Form"
below and submit their name, rank, branch of service, died in action and  name
of cemetery, if deceased.
Appreciate your interest in making this a complete list of
veterans of  Eastland County, Texas. 

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Eastland  County
Veterans  List

   "X"  -  Died in Action
X Name Rank Branch Cemetery
  Admaez, Benny B. Jr. A1C Air Force  
  Burkhaluter, Don E. Major Air Force  
  Collins, Billy Carl Major Air Force  
  Cozart, Daryl Ray PO2 Navy  
  Fairbanks, Walter   Coast Guard  
  Ferguson, John C. Sgt Marines  
  Glenn,Jon E. Sgt Army  
  Geraldon, Robert Edgar    + E-6 Navy  
  Haynes, Micael Scott   Marines Elmwood Park
Abilene, TX
  Holbrook, Herman O. Spc-4 Army  
  Mizell, John Charles 1Cpl Marines  
  Montelongo, Rick  J. E-5 Army  
  Simmons, Jerry Wayne SSgt Army  
  Spillman, Dennis E. Major Army NG  
  Thackerson, Tony Sgt Marines  
  Tonroy, Sam E-4 Army  
  Underhill, Kenneth W. CWO-4 Marines  
  Viehmann, Richard L., Jr. E-5 Army  
  Walton, Joe Dustin E-3 Navy  
  Welch, Kenneth Roy MSgt Army  
  War Ends Feb  27, 1991      

Information  Form
Full  Name & Initial
Branch  of  Service
Which  War/s or Years
Lived in What Town
Cemetery, if deceased &year
Submitted by
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