Eastland, Texas
Eastland  County  Veterans


Iraq War    2003

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   "X"  -  Died in Action
X Name Rank Branch Cemetery
  Alford, David B. SSG Army Res  
  Ashworth, Nicholas Wayne Pvt Marine Eastland  9-1-2012
  Beebe, Marcey C. SA Air Force  
  Bethel, Christopher L. Spc Army  
  Bible, Dereck R. Pvt Army  
  Black, Diana K. Pfc Army NG  
  Blaylock, Kaleb Conrad  Click Here Cpl Marines '05  
  Bonney, Richard        21 yrs 1st Sgt Army  
  Brinegar, Wesley Shane Spc Army Res  
  Brown, John Harold LCRPL Marines  
  Brown Michael W. 1st Lt Navy  
  Brown, Thomas Norwood Plebe M Academy  
  Carmack, Mel E8 Navy  
  Casey, Kisha   Air Force  
  Castaneda, David PO2 Navy  
  Childers, Mitchell Pfc Navy  
  Childers, Thurman J. E-4 Army  
  Cooper, Joseph D. Airman1/c Air Force  
  Corkran, Thomas H. Pvt Army  
X Creamean, Tyler Spc Army Rising Star KIA 2005
  Critchfield, Cody S. Sgt Marines  
  Davis, Ian E. SSG Army  
  Dossey, Corky J. Pvt Army  
  Edwards, Jesse-Le Yun Sgt Army  
  Elizalda, Brandon C. Pfc Marine  
  Evans, Ronnie Lynn E-7 Army  
  Evans, Shane A. Sgt Army  
  Frausto, Riley Charles SSG Army  
  Freeman, Jackson Lee Pfc Army  
  Fron, Bobby J. Cpl Army  
  Funderburk, Daniel L.   Navy  
  Funderburk, Vyron H. III Pfc Army  
  Garcia, James Pvt Army  
  Garcia, Malcolm Antonio PV2 Army  
  Garcia, Talmadge Pvt Army  
  Glenn, Jon E. Ssg Army  
  Geraldon, Robert Edgar  + E-6 Navy  
  Gray, Stevie   Marine  
  Hanson, Taylor W. Spc Army  
  Hendricks, Justin Spc Army  
  Holding, Paul S/Sgt Army  
  Householder, Matthew A. SR Navy  
  Ivie, Michael S Navy  
  Ivie, William J. GM1 Navy  
  Jacobs, David E. T/Sgt Air Force  
  Johnson, Josh R. Pvt Army  
  Johnson, Robert F. 'Bobby' Spc Army  
  Johnston, Howdy D. Pvt Army  
  Jones, Eligah Paul Pfc Army  
  Jones, Jeremy D. Pvt Army  
  Kile, Thomas   Navy  
  LeRoy, Rita N. Sgt NG  
  Lopez, Sylester Pvt Army  
  Makin, Reuben T. Sgt Army  
  Marsh, Gary SP4 Army  
  Martin, Travis P. Airman 1/c Air Force  
  Mehan, Terry Edward Pvt Army Leon Church 1-23-2014
  McKinney, Charlie J. Navy Airman Navy  
  Michael, Stephanie A. A1c Air Force  
  Millican, Vernon A1c Air Force  
  Nicks, Miriam E. PO 3c Navy  
  Noel, Vince Lt. Col Army  
  Pack, Trevor A. E-3 Army  
  Page, William Louis 'Bill' Lt Col Air Force Eastland  9-16-2012
  Perez, Bonnie F. A1c Navy  
  Petty, James M. Pfc Army  
  Pittman, Christian Edward Pvt Marine  
  Rabel, Cullen W. T/Sgt Air Force  
  Ramsey, John W. Spc-4 Army  
  Ray, James CPT Army  
  Ruthledge, Ronny A. E-4 Army  
  Sauceda, Antonio Diego LC Marines  
  Sauceda, Michael Adam Pvt Army  
  Schaefer, Matthew R. Lt Navy  
  Seabourn, Beau E-5 AC2 Navy  
  Serpa, Joseph S. Airman Navy  
  Smith, Christopher Shane SSG Army  
  Speegle, Jim Major Army  
  Spillman, Dennis E. Major Army NG  
  Squires, Mark Anthony Sgt Army  
  Stacy, Jarrett Scott   Air Force Cisco  4-21-2010
  Steele, Benjamin T. Airman Navy  
  Stovall, Curtis Spc-4 Army  
  Thompson, Rocky J. Spc-1 Army  
  Threet, Frieda Pfc Army NG  
  Tiner, Jacky Sgt Army  
  Torrez, James L SSgt Air Force  
  Trantham, Terry D. Pvt Army  
  Walls, Shanna   Air Force  
  Wamba, Jason Sgt Army  
  Watson, Keisha (Wiley)   Air Force  
  Weems, Michael A. A Air Force  
  Wells, Mitchell G. Cpl Marine  
  Wende, Todd HMCM (E-9) Navy  
  Wesley, Joshoa  S. Seaman Navy  
  West, Lance E. Sgt E5 Army  
  West, Michael N. Sgt Army  
  White, Christopher Robert Pfc Marine  
  Williams, Jason R. Airman Air Force  
  Williamson, Jarvis   Army  
  Wollam, Kevin L. Pfc Marine '04  
  Young, Cody Pfc Marine '05  

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