Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas


Korean War     1950 - 1953

If you know of anyone that is not  listed.  Please go to the "Information Form"
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of cemetery, if deceased.
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veterans of  Eastland County, Texas.                                      

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Signs Placed Along The
Length of  Texas
Hwy 6

   "X"  -  Died in Action
X Name Rank Branch Cemetery
  Aaron, Edwin   Army  
  Adams, Billy Ray   Air Force  
  Adams, James 'Jim' Eason   Air Force Eastland  06-13-2006
  Akers, Ommer   Air Force Huffines 1-22-2015
  Alexander, Darrell R.   Army Rising Star  12-31-'11
  Alford, Thomas M. E-3 Army  
  Anderson, John D.   Air Force  
  Armstrong, Billy Joe Sgt Air Force Odessa  4-14-2007
X Armstrong, K. R., Jr.      
  Armstrong, Vernon W. A/1C Air Force Merriman 2006
  Arnold, Bearl S/Sgt (20 Yrs) Army Murray  9-29-2006
  Arnold, Billy E. A1c Navy  
  Alldredge. Floyd Arthur M/Sgt Army Eastland  10-27-2007
  Alldredge, Lynvoy SP6 Army Murray 1991
POW Bacon, Bobby T. Sgt Marine State Veterans Cemetery  -  Kelleen
  Bacon, Joe S/Sgt Air Force Breckenridge  9-21-2012
  Bacon, John 'Tommy' Pfc Army Oakwood  j-16-2012
  Bailey, Scott J., Judge SP4 Army Oakwood  11-27-'11
  Baker, Ollie Dale A/1C Air Force  
  Balderree, R.C. 'Bobby' Cpl Army Aransas Mem.  3-12-2007
Rockport, Texas
  Barnes, James Luther-20 yr   Air Force  
  Baron, Samuel James   Army Alameda  10-19-'07
  Baze, Clarence D. Chief M/Sgt Air Force Midlothian  1981
  Baze, Graydon W. B Sgt Air Force Oaklawn, Gorman 1991
  Berry, Rex   Army Cremated  2002
  Bishop, James Lee TSgt Air Force DFW National  2004
  Black, Derrel Lee   Air Force Clyde
  Black, Ealy M. MSgt Air Force  
  Blackwell, Bobby Edward   Army Oakwood  10-24-2008
  Bond, Francis Lee Cpl Army Flatwood  1993
  Bond, Travis Cpl Army Flatwood 8-12-1998
  Boney, Gene C.   Army Deceased
  Bonney, Marion Richard Cpl Army Evergreen  5-2-2012
  Bostick, Cecil D. Cpl Army Romney 12-24-15
  Bosworth, Weldon (Sonny)   Air Force Merriman  2005
  Bownds Berry D.   Air Force Prescott Valley Lodge
  Boykin, Charlie, Jr. Sgt    
  Boykin, Frank W. FS E2 Army  
  Boykin, Linsley E. M2 Navy Scranton 1959
  Britt, A. Rankin   Air Force Evergreen  2001
  Britt, Richard Edwin   Marine Eastland  9-15-'08
  Brown, Fred A. Sfc Army  
  Brown, Lawson C. Cpl Army  
  Brown, Max Pfc Army Oakwood  11-21-2006
  Brown, Will Douglas (Bill) Cpl Army Murray  2-15-2014
  Brudnak, Michael P. Cpl Army Gorman  8-28-2007
  Bryan, Jimmie B.   Navy Cremated
  Buchanan, Kelly Pfc    
  Bullard, Kenneth D. SP3C Army  
  Burgess, Jr. Wade Hampton Pfc Marine Oakwood  2-10-2014
  Burkhaulter Don E. Major Army  
  Burnet W. Kenneth Pfc Army Loop 10-13-17
  Bush, Alford Pfc Army Evergreen  2-7-2014
  Bush, Thomas  L. M/Sg E-8 Army  
  Butler, Gene E. S/Sgt Air Force Murray
  Butler, Jack R. S/Sgt Air Force  
  Butler, James Albert   Air Force Wayside  2005
  Butler, Robert First Sgt Army Evergreen-Ranger 1986
  Camacho, Raymond   CG  
  Canner, William E.(Bill)   Navy Evergreen 5-30-'14
  Carey, Milton Winford   Army Potosi  2004
  Carlin, William Worth   Army Corpus Christi  2003
  Carlton, Bobby Jack Pfc Army Bear Spr 11-19-15
  Carr, Glenn SPC5/E5 NG Oakwood  01-16-15
  Carter, Jerry C.   Navy Eastland 10-17-15
  Carter, Michael W. A1C    
  Castillo, Tim J. Cpl Marine  
  Caudle, Burl Cpl Army  
X Caudle, Forrist Dwayne Sgt Air Force Merriman 1951
  Childs, Mary Helen   Navy F Sam Houston  4-24-2010
  Cladwell, B. G. Cpl Marine  

Clark, Edward S.

  Air Force Oakwood 10-1-15
  Clark, Tommy Gene   Navy Odessa, TX 1999
X Cochran, Jack W. Sgt Army Rising Star
  Collins, Billy C., Jr. Capt Air Force  
  Collins, Joe S/Sgt Air Force  
  Conner, Sr., Robert H. 'Bob'   Air Force Eastland  10-2-2009
  Connolly, Carl Eugine   Army Burnet, TX
  Cook, Jerrell Wallace   Air Force Clyde  5-17-2012
  Cooper,  Ralph   Marines  

Cooper (Bill) William Weldon

  Army Eastland
  Coots,Jr., Sherman Monroe   Marines Oakwood  2004
  Cotton, Jr., James Edwin S/Sgt Air Force Oakwood  5-30-2009
  Cox, H. L. (Slim)   Army Staff

Craft Mikual

  Crawford, Lee Ranger Army Ranger 7-10-17
X Crawley, Jimmie M. Cpl Army Ranger
  Crowder, Tom Drake Cpl Marine Eastland - 7-17-2015
Curtis, Perry L. Cpl Army Sipe Springs  5-2-2008
Daniel, George McCarty LTC Army Eastland  2001
  Daniels, Breck Pfc Marine  
  Danzeisen, Lloyd Pfc Army Midland  2005
  Davenport, Henry V. Jr. RD2 Navy  
  Davenport, Joseph R. S/Sgt Air Force  
  Davenport, Norman E. Lt Col Army Cedar Hills,  Okla City
  Davidson, Edwin P. 'Dave' M/Sgt Air Force Eastland  11-17-2011
  Davis, Gordon C. L/CPL    
  Dawson, William D. 'Dock' Cpl Army Midland  11-1-2009
  Dennis, Billy Joe   Air Force Oakland  9-19=15
  Dennis, Richard Dix MSG-E8 Army Oakland  10-10-14
  Dennis, Roy F. MP Army Oaklawn 5-19-16
  Dent, Jason T. Pvt Army  
  DeSanto, Donald Neal Sgt Army DFW National
  Ditmore, Francis E Cpl Army Oakwood 7-28-'15
  Dorsett, Jimmie Don C-MSgt Air Force Simpson  2005
  Douglas, Paul Reed   Army Goldsmith,Tx  10-1-2008
  Doyle, Roger Lynn Corp Air Borne Inf Memorial Gardens - Dallas, 11-22-2006
  Drinkard, Donald L.   Army DFW National  2004
  Dunaway, Gordon Levi Pfc Army Dothan  3-26-09
  Dunlap, Herman SA Air Force  
  Durham, Wayne C. Pfc Army Moran 1-5-16
  Eaves, Delmon Fred Pfc Army Simpson  8-9-2011
  Echols, Lynn   Army Oakwood
  Edwards, Alvin Patrick   Army Dewey 2005
  Elam, Charles E.   Air Force  
  Elmore, Owen 'Aden'   Air Force Romney  6-28-2008
  Emfinger, Bobbie Lee   Army Deceased
  Eubank, Jack Ray 2nd Lt Air Force Deceased
  Eudy, Martha Lee   Navy  
  Eudy, William James (Bill) ABE-1 Navy  
  Evans, John M.   Navy Eastland  4-21-2011
  Everett, E. W. 'Dick'   Navy Deceased
X Exline, Billy J. Pvt Army  
  Farquhar, Steward M.      
  Fears, Kirby Lee Cpl Army June 27, 2015
  Featherstone, Fred Cpl Army Eastland  7-10-06
  Fehl, John William   Army Eastland  2003
  Ferguson, John C. Sgt Army  
  Fisher, Bobby M Sgt Army Resthaven - Lubbock
  Fitzgerald, James 'Jim'   Navy Cisco  1-12-2016
  Flowers, Douglas LCPI Marine  
  Foster, Hatten Earnest "Pete" MP Army Flatwood Ashes 3-5-16
  Foster, James Damon M/Sgt Air Force  
  Fox, Fred   Air Force Merriman  9-17-2006
  Freeman, Bob Howard Pvt Army 1-28-2014    Lacy Funeral Home
  Frittd, Harrold Murry 2nd LT Army Stephenville 7-13-17
  Freeman, Vince Capt    
  Fry, Scott MS2 Army  
  Gabbert, Delbert  George "Gabby" Sgt/M Marine 22yrs DFW National  2005
  Gallegos, George N.   Army Oakwood
  Gardner, Clyde H Pfc Army Long Branch '87
  Garrett, Kenneth Glenn S/Sgt Air Force  
  Garvin, Thomas Clayton Pvt Army Corinth 11-30-14
  Gilbert, Walter H. Jr. M/Sgt Marine Floral Memorial Garden
Albany, Doughtery, GA 1974
  Gilbert, Weldon Bruce, Sr. S/Sgt Marines Carbon Restland
  Gilbreath, Jr., James R. Sgt Air Force Mont Meta - San Benito 1993
  Gomez, Tony F. Pfc Marine Sacramento Valley Nat Cemetery.CA
  Graham, Ronald (Ron) Glynn   Air Force Oakwood  6-3-2008
  Graham, Wince S/Sgt Army  
  Grantham, Charley Aviation Navy Lives in Cisco
  Gray, Buster Ross (Buck)   Air Force Eastland  2002
  Green, Alfred E. Cpl Army Nimrod  1-14-2009
  Green, Jim Lt. Col Army  
  Greene, Jeffrey NAA Navy  
  Greer, James N. SP5 Army Murray  1985
  Greer, Walter J, Jr. A1C Air Force Murray  1985
  Greer, William Hayden COX Coast Guard Murray  1994
  Griffin, Andrew 'Andy' W. Lt Col Air Force Rising Star  7-23-2007
  Griggs, Robert, III S.F.C    
  Guy, Truett Dean   Air Force Rose Hill, OKC 10-15-2010
  Hale, Leslie Udell M/Sgt Air Force Deceased
  Hall, Bob Seaman Navy Ogden City, Utah  9-4-12
  Hallu Henry   Army Eastland
  Hamilton, Gene   Army  
  Hand, Lanny Lee Pfc Army Eastland  5-19-2007
  Hardy, T. K.   Army Deceased
  Harrell, John C. Pvt Army Eastland
  Harrelson, Buck D. Pfc Army Rising Star 1-9-2013
  Harris, Allen   Army  
  Harris, Jr. Claude                  Pfc Army Evergreen  10-21-2007  
  Harris,  Ronald W. GYSgt Marine  
  Harris, Weldon Derwood   Navy Oakwood  2006
  Hart, Buster L. Seaman Navy Eastland  2005
  Hatten, Leo Albert Lt Col Army Oakwood  2005
  Hatton, Winifred R.   Army Deceased
  Hattox, Raymond Thomas Pfc Army Howard  10-19-2010
  Haynes, Billy   Army  
  Hazard, Bobby Ray   Army Deceased
  Hazard, George W., Jr. Pvt Army Sweetwater
  Head, James Edward Pvt Army Murray  1998
  Healer, James Clayborne   Air Force  
  Henderson, Edward G. A1c Air Force Oaklawn 7-16-16
  Henley, Henry Farris M/Sgt Air Force  
  Henson, Max Dee Pfc Army Eastland 5-24-2014
  Herrera, Raul Pfc Army Eastland 12-1-13
  Hickox, Willie David   Navy Ranger 6-19-2017
  Hicks, Howard Gene  25 yrs F/M/Sgt Marine Board Church - Comanche County
  Hill, Kenneth R 3cPO Navy  
  Hixson, Tommy E. Sfc Army  
  Hobbs, Bill J.   Air Force  
  Hobbs, Danny R. Sp/4 Army  
  Hodge, Garry M Sgt Major Army Lansing, Michigan  1977
  Hodge, Boyd H.   Army Oakland  1-3-2008
  Honea, Jackie Lee Sgt Air Force Oakwood  12-26-2012
  Hooper, Jerry D Pvt    
  Hopson, Richard L. Corp Marines  
  Horn, Clifton A., Jr. Colonel Army  
  Huber, William 'Bill' Pfc Marines Eastland  9-25-2008
  Huckaby, Tommy Clyde Pfc Army Necessity  11-15-2006
  Huffman, Madrin   Army  
  Hughes, Russell Wayne Pfc Army Merriman  10-6-2009
  Hull, George Brittian   Air Force Eastland  7-3-2008
  Hutton, Willard David Sgt E-2 Army Oakwood  2004
  Illingworth, Thomas Edward   Air Force Cross Plains  2005
  Ince, A. R. (Gary)      
  Ingram, Calvin L. Pfc    
  Isbell, Sammie Wayne A1C USAF  
  Isenhower, James Wesley 2nd Lt Army Putnam  7-15-2007
  Jackson, A. D.   Army East Hill  8-14-2008
Fort Stockson, Tx
  Jackson, Drew Dan Corp Army  
  Jacoby, Douglas   Air Force Deceased
  Jennings, Arnold Ray 'Red'   Navy Doty - Gordon, Tx
  Jobe, Doyle "Pinky"   Navy Gorman
  Johnson, Bryan Lee S/Sgt Army  
  Johnson, Freddie H. Pfc Army Merriman 2-15-15
  Johnson, George A. Pfc Army Murray 1-23-2007
  Jones, Anissa   Navy  
  Justice, Cy Doug Pfc Army Flatwood 1980
  Keener, Allen   Air Force Deceased
  Keeney, Lawrence Dale   Air Force Oakwood  4-9-2010
  Kelley, Charles Pfc    
  Keith, Melvin   Army  
  Kent, Burt R. Corp Army  
  Kidd, John M. SP3 Army Flatwood  1-2-2008
  Kilgore, Tellous Quit Tec4 Army Murray 1991
  Kim, Alva Royce   Army Deceased
  Kim, Noel Vaughn   NG Deceased
  Kim, Stacy L. (Bub)   Army  
  Kimmel, Harold D.   Army  
  Kinard, Lee Edwin   Army Pleasant Hill  8-4-2006
  King. (Tiny) Ancil Pfc Army Flatwood 7-31-16
X King, Walter S. LTC Air Force Cisco
  Kribbs, Merle W (Buster) Sfc Army Pendergrass - 7-19-2015
  Kushen, Douglas J. SPC    
  Kujano, Joey A1C Air Force  
  Laird, William Dee   Navy Oakwood  10-2-2009
  Lamb, Bobbie Joe S Sgt Air Force Long Branch 1995
  Landers, Bradford Chase 'Brad'   Army Oakwood  3-20-2008
  Langford, Billie Preston Pfc ANG Bullock  2-14-2014
  Langley, Alvin   CG  
  Lavender, Leonard G. Pfc AAF Yokahoma, Japan Mem Cem
  Lewis, Carl Dee   Army Lubbock
  Lee, Carlton H.   Army Eastland  2004
  Lincoln, Lyman W.   Arny Cremated/Cisco
  Little, Bobby Lee Corp Army Staff  2-1-2014
  Little, Roice Earl Corp Army Simpson  2003
  Littlefield, Jack T. Sgt Air Force Deceased
  Lorance, David L. Pvt Army  
  Lowrance, Gary Lee   Air Force Eastland  2006
  Lucas, Bob   Army Rising Star  9-22-2007
  Lummus, William Edwin Pfc Air Force  
  Lusk, Harold Dwain Cpl Army  
  Lyon, Herman Eugene   Navy DFW 11-10- 14
  Maddux, Clyde S.   Army Mt. Olivet, FW  2002
  Mahaaffey, Earnest W. M Sgt Army Tex Vet Cemetery Abilene 6-9-2012
  Mahan, Vernon   Navy Eastland  2003
  Makin, Douglas W. Sfc Army  
  Malone, Omer Dee Cpl Marine Elmwood  10-24, 2011
X Mangum, Billy C. Sgt Army MIA
  Maples, Avener Neil Pfc Army Romney 3-30-2011
  Marshall, James Cecil M/Sgt Army Highland  5-10-2002
Lawton, OK
  Marshall, Robert Deen Sgt Marines Laurel Land Memorial Park
Fort Worth, TX 2006
  Marta, Leonard Joe Sgt Marines Cisco - Creamated 10-24-2009
  Martin, Glen Bryant 1st Lt Army Long Branch 1990
  Martin, Jimmy Ray Pfc Army Abilene 5-5-17
  Mathis, Paul Odell   Air Force Evergreen
  Maxwell, Clinton Doyle Pfc Army/NG Eastland 6-2-17
  McAlister, Jr., William Hershel   Coast Guard Pawhuska, Ok 1-11-12
  McCall, Hugh E. Colonel Air Force Ft Sam Houston
National Cemetery
  McClendon, Sr., Paul Franklin Pfc Army Romney  2006
  McClung. Jr. Richard Frank SSgt Army Hines Chapel
  McCollum, James W Pfc Army  
  McDaniel, Charles Ray Pfc Army Murray  1990
  McDaniel, John A1C Air Force  
  McDaniel, Lee Roy  (Buster) Sfc Army Murray  1998
  McDowell, Billy Ray   Army Eastland  11-13-2009
  McFarland, William Guy Sgt Air Force Ft Sam Houston
San Antonio 1998
  McGee, Johnnie T.   Army Greenleaf 2002
  McMilliam, Eddie M. TSgt Air Force  
  Meador, Lester Ira Pfc Army Gouldbusk,Coleman 1-1-2012
X Meredith, David      
  Mertl, Thomas Dominic & II SSgt AAC Oakwood  2005
  Mertle, Thomas E.   & II SSgt Air Force  
  Miller, R. L.   Army  
  Millican, Calvin G.   Navy Murray 6-11-17
  Millican, Vincent K. SPC    
  Mims, Bill W. AD3 Navy  
  Moore, Alvin C. Pfc Marine Romney 5-9-2014
  Moore, Willie Burl   Navy Oaklawn 7-7-2915
  Morren, Johnnie M. CMS Air Force Eastland  2004
  Morris, Maxine Landtroop   Air Force  
  Morse, Donald   Army Gorman  6-5-2007
  Moseley, Charles Pat CWO Army NG Alameda  8-29-2007
  Muirhead, Joe   Army Eastland  1982
  Munnerlyn, Keith   Marines  
  Murdoch, Kenneth Edward   Navy Blake,R.S.  12-6-09
  Murphy, Edward, III SPC    
  Myers, William  (Bill) Lee Pfc Army Lawnhaven 4-23-'14
  Nelms. John Coleman Pfc Army Oakwood  12-6-2014
  Nelson, Clifford 'Red'   Navy Seabees Carbon
  Neumann, Dorothy C.   Air Force Rising Star  7-19-12
  Niles, Robert Wayne S.F.C    
  Nixon, Robert Williams "Booger Red"   Air Force Eastland  8-21-08
  Norris, Frank Sgt    
  Noska, Steve Pfc Army Desdemona  5-4-11
  Notgrass, Bobby J.C. SCPO Navy Asheville, NC
  Notgrass, Buddy G Pfc Army Sandhill 8-12-17
  Novak, Alvin Dwain S/Sgt Army Thanks Janice
  O'Brien H.V.O. Sgt Army  
  O'Neal William A. SPC    
  Owen, Jr.,  William A. Lt Col Air Force Ft Sam Houston 1982
  Patterson, Jim   Navy  
  Patterson, Robert A. GM 3/c Navy Evergreen  6-4-2008
  Patton, J. L. Corp Army Eastland 8-11-16
  Perrin, Billy Jack   Army  
  Perryman, Robert "Bob"   Air Force Eastland 8-1-17
  Pevehouse, Freddy Lee   Navy Eastland  11-21-2009
  Phillips, Sr. Burton Leon M/Sgt Air Force Duffau  Erath 7-2-2008
  Philpott, William'Bill' Barton SoM 2/c Navy Oakwood  2004
  Pierce, George Pvt Army Oakwood  2-8-14
  Pilcher, J. V. M/Sgt AAF  
  Pippen, Benny Clarence   Navy Oakwood  2005
  Poe, James   Navy 6-20,2015
  Polston, Edward B.   Marines Deceased
  Powell, Kenneth H. HM3 Navy Murray  2001
  Platter, Billy C.   Marines Murray  1987
  Plumley, Roy Roland Colonel Army Evergreen
X Poynor, Con Foly 1st Lt Air Force Ranger
  Price, Jeff L. Pfc Army Sipe S 12-17-15
  Rasco, L. Darrell Pvt Army Murray  1975
  Rawls, Lowell Gene   Army Gorman
  Ray, Morrell Herman C/MSgt Air Force Scranton  9-15, 2006
  Rear, Michael   Air Force  
X Reed, Elvie J. Capt Army Circo
  Reese, Buster Gene A3C Air Force Evergreen  1980
  Reynolds, Boyd Dell 'Poss'   Air Force Simpson  10-15-2006
  Reynolds, Jonathan E. SPC Army  
  Rice, Floyd J. Pfc Army  
  Richardson, Bobbie Eugene Pvt Army Eastland  8-4-1999
  Riehle, James   Air Force Alameda  1-28-2011
  von Roeder, Marion Dee Pilot Air Force Tx Vet-Abilene 9-28-2012
  Robbins, Jesse J. Cpl Army Artic
Test Branch
Rising Star 11-24-2012
  Roberson, Billie Marvin   Navy Cisco  2005
  Robert, James "Doyle"   Air Force Eastland 7-19-17
  Robert, Wade Pfc Army Moran  8-27-2014
  Robinson, E.P. "Ernie"   Army  
  Robinson, Frank Alford   Army  
  Rogers, Kenneth L. Cpl Army  
  Rogers, Lawrence G. Pfc Army Wy 10-22-15
  Rollins, Billy Richard   Navy Belew  2005  Aubrey,Tx
  Rose, Price Duane   Army  
  Ross, Joe H. E4 Army  
  Sadler, Eddie Joe Pfc Army Flatwood  1-5-2009
  Schkade, Carl E. Pfc Marine Lutheran  3-20-2009
  Seabourn, Woodrow W SFC Army Corinth
  Selleers, Barney Lee Gunnery Sargent Marine Oakwood  3-10, 2015
  Sellers, Billy Charles   Air Force Eastland  5-25-2011
  Sharpe, Billy L. Sgt Army Oakwood  3-3-2010
  Sharp, Jerry Don Pfc Marine Mt. Marion  2-26-2014
  Sherman, Gordon Keith Captain Navy Arlington Nat Cemetery
  Sherrill, James M.   Army Eastland
  Shoe, Raymond   Army Re Eastland  1-26-2008
  Sides, Meredith   Army  
  Simmons, Bobby G. Sgt Army  
  Simmons Tommy Jack   Navy Mitchell Cemetery
  Simpson, Larry L. Maj Army  
  Siver, Sr., Richard C. 'Dick' Ranger, TX Air Force Cremated  3-5-2008
  Skiles, Lloyd Warren Pfc Army Elmwood-Abilene 8-31-2011
  Slaton, Billy Joe  ww2 RM1 (P) Co- Guard Gorman - Oaklawn  7/26/94
  Sluder, Jr. Tom Ault Pfc Army Cisco 3-17-16
  Smith, Jim   Navy  
  Smith, Johnny C. MM-1 Navy  
  Smith, Paul J.   30 years Officer Navy Oakwood  2005
  Smith, R. C.   Navy  
  Smith, Ronald Eugene   Army Elmwood San Angelo
  Smith, Thomas W.   Army  
  Snodgrass, D. M.   Army  
  Snodgrass, Harold D. Pvt 2 Army Resthaven Mem Park
Midland, TX
  Snodgrass, Willie Jack   Army  
  Squires, Jerry   Army & AF Rochelle  2005
  Squires, Max Young   Air Force Rochelle  8-25-2007
  Squyres, Loren  B. S 1/c Navy Pioneer  2002
  Starkey, J. W., Jr.   Army Rising Star  2004
  Stephenson, Billy Wayne   Army Chandler, AZ  2004
  Stephenson, Jack E. Corp Army  
  Stewart, Sr., George David Pfc Army Ranger  11-20-2011
  Stidham, Charles Booker 'Charlie' Cpl Army Eastland  2006
  Stiles, Alton   Air Force  
  Stone, W. J.   Air Force Eastland  2002
  Strawn, Ira Gordon S/Sgt Army Oakwood  8-24-06
  Sublett, Marshall F. (Pete) Cpl Army Dothan  1969
  Sutton, Dean   Air Force  
  Swindle, Lloyd Ray Pfc Army Romney 11-10-15
  Swinson, Luther Cicero,L.C   Army Breckenridge Cremated  2004
  Tankersley, Freddy E.   Army Sunset, Odessa,3-29-14
  Tankersley, Paul Edwin M/Sgt Army Eastland
  Tanner, A. J. Sfc Army  
  Taylor, Barron Lee   Marines Mineral Wells
  Teague, Wayne M.   Army Pleasant Valley 8-13-08
  Tesch, Emmitt O. MSgt Army Ranger 2-17-16
  Thackerson, J. A. LCPL    
  Thames, Alvin Pfc Army Evergreen  6-15-2010
  Thomas, Max L. Pfc Army Pleasant Hill   July 18, 2007
  Thompson, Arl W. C-Sgt-Maj Army  
  Thompson, Howard Lessley A1C Air Force Eastland 9-6-17
  Thompson, Larry Dale   Army  
  Tinney, David L. CPL    
  Todd,  Bobby J.   Navy Eastland  2001
  Tonn, Leslie E.   Army Murray  2002
  Townsend, Bobby Jack   Navy Cisco  5-16-2010
  Townzen, B.E. "Red"   Army Resthaven Memorial
Midland, TX   2003
  Tracy, John, Jr. Pfc Army Murray  1988
  Tucker, Forrest L. T/Sgt Army  
  Tucker, Jerry Wendell Pfc Army Cisco  3-1-2009
  Turner, Robert L.   Air Force Oakwood  2004
  Tye, James Wayne   Navy Greenlawn  -  Columbia, S.C.  10-9-2012.
  Tyler, Robert D. 'Dock' Sgt Marine Garden of Memories
  Tyrone, David Wayne   Army Murray  1996
  Tyrone, Jackson Wade   Army Murray  1994
  Tyrone, Willie Donald S/Sgt Marines Murray  1965
  Vann, Billy Joe   Air Force  
  Vann, Richard F. S4 Army  
  Varner, Donald Graham   Army Deceased
  Varner, James   Army  
  Vaughn, Leo P. (Bill)   Army Gorman  2004
  Vaught, Robert T. S/Sgt Air Force  
  Veal, Howard W. 'Jack'   Air Force Alameda  2005
  Venable, Joseph Alvin CSM Army Ft Sam Houston   National 1968
  Vernon, Chris PV 2    
  Viehmann, Richard L., Jr. Pfc Army  
  Waddington, Jack Bob  CDR Navy  
  Walker, Charles  G.  + Lt Col Air Force Eastland  6-10-12
  Walker, Jerry W. Cprl Army Eastland12-1-15
  Warren, Bobby D. A/1c Air Force  
  Warren, Harry Floyd Pfc Army/NG Murray 5-29-17
  Weatherly, James Royal Jr.   Air Force Ventura CA 7-31-17
  Weems  Jr. David Anderson   Army Eastland
  Weisinger, Charles Nathan Seaman Navy Cisco  11-22-2012
  West, Howard B. Sgt    
  West, Stanley W.   Army  
  Whatley, Edgar Cprl Army Clyde  2-16-2010
  Wheat, Ralph G. "Buck" Army 1st.Lt Bullock 2004
  Wheeler, Glenn Pfc Army Evergreen  11-11-11
  White, Morris D. Lt. Col Air Force  
  Whitsel, Paul Eugene   Air Force Earth-3-15-16
  Whittington, William 'Bill' Pfc Army Merriman  2006
  Wicker, Sr., William Warren Sgt Marines Murray  4-2-2007
  Wiggins, Don   Army  
  Wilcoxen, Franklin P Sgt E5 Army Cisco 4-14-2014
  Willet, Billy L. Pfc Army Rising Star 2004
  Williams, Charles Lee   Army  
  Williams, David L.   Army Evergreen  2003
  Williams, Elbert Herbert   Air Force Deceased
  Williams,  James Floyd   Navy Eastland 12-23-04
  Williams, Luther C. 'Chuck' Air Traffic Cont Air Force Mt. Marion  10-20-2008
  Williams, Miley   Army  
  Williams, Ronald Dean   Air Force  
  Williamson, Monte Ray Corp Army Eastland  2004
  Willis, Ken   Navy Eastland  2002
  Wilson, Harry   Army Deceased
  Wilson, H.T. "Tom" Pfc Marine Eastland 5-11-17
  Wood, Billy E.   Navy Biloxi Nat 10-7-15
  Woods, Danny Pfc Army Eastland  2004
  Woods, Tim D.   Army  
  Wooten, Floyce D. A/1C Air Force  
  Wright, Dolores 'Dee' Pfc Marine Quantico Natl  10-24-11
  Wriight, James T.   Seabees Eastland 1-29-15
  Wyatt, Jim   Marines Murray 1999
  York, Kenneth Sgt Air Force Johntown, Tx  4-2-2010
  Zarate, Stephen   Navy  
  Zummer, George Louis   Navy Eastland  3-1-09

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