Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas


Vietnam War     1961 - 1975

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   "X"  -  Died in Action
X Name Rank Branch Cemetery
  Ables, J. D. SH3 Navy Eastland  2-27-2013
  Ables, William T. Ranger, Tex    
  Adams, John A. Col Army  
  Ainsworth, Floyd M Ranger    
  Ainsworth, Urah F. Ranger    
  Alexander, Jerry Ranger    
  Alexander, Jimmy Ranger Air Force Grenada invasion
  Alexander, Melvin J. Ranger    
  Alexander, Michael J. 2nd Lt Air Force  
  Alexander, Willie Earl Recruiter Navy Wayside 2006
  Alford, Thomas (Tommy) M. E-3 Army Eastland 9-16-16
  Alldredge, Danelle 'Danny' Dwight   Navy Oakland  4-10-2010
  Alldredge, Douglas Arthur   Navy Oakland-Gorman  2004
  Alldredge, Floyd Arthur M/Sgt Army Eastland  10-27-2007
  Allen, Fred Harvey Pfc Army Oakwood  10-4-2916
  Alexander, Melvin J. Ranger    
  Ames, Daniel Joseph   Air Force Maine  1-11, 2013
  Archa, Alvin Lynn Pfc Army Eula  11-13-2012
  Andrews, Ronnie Lee S Sgt Army Long Branch 1993
  Anderson, Bob Ranger    
  Arnold, James M. MSG E-8 Army  
  Arther, Mike E-5 Army  
  Ash, Arlington D. 'Rocky'   Seabee Clyde 8-23-2014
  Ausburne, Lee Ranger    
  Baker, Joel O.   Air Force Monroe  5-9-2011
  Barbosa, Mark M Ranger    
  Barker, Joe L Ranger    
  Barnes, James Luther MSgt Air Force Buena Vista Burial Park
Brownsville, TX
  Barrett, Fred M. Ranger    
  Barrett, Jr., John Ranger    
  Basham, Jerry D."Jake" Ranger Air Force Evergreen  3-21-2012
  Basham, Lonnie J. Cpl/E-4 Marines  
Basket, Wylie A. (Bucket) Air Force Dennis 2003
near Moran
  Bible, Deral E Sfc Army Long Branch 1983
  Bishop, James Lee TSgt Air Force DFW National 2004
  Boggus, Albert R. Ranger Army  
  Boling, Jerry Dean SE3 Navy  
  Bonney, Charles E. Ranger    
  Booth, Kenneth Raymond Pfc Army Chattanooga Nat. Cem
10-30, 2011
  Boone, Royce W. Ranger    
  Bostick, Terry Don   Army Romney 2003
  Bowles, Dylan-Dr Capt Army  
  Brandsetters, Sr., Narvub Pfc Army Cisco - Chambers 8-11-14
  Bratton, Gerald D. Ranger    
  Bratton, William R. Ranger    
  Brister, Billy C. Ranger    
  Brister, Robert L. Ranger    
  Britt, A. Rankin   Air Force Evergreen 2001
  Broussard, W. Roy MSG E8 Army  
  Brown, Lawson C. Pfc Army Pleasant Hill 4-29-15
  Brown, Melvin C. E-4 Army  
  Brown, Phillip Ranger    
  Brummett, Bobby Joe PO1 Navy  
  Bryan, Rickey L. Ranger    
  Burgess, Richard N. "Dicky"   Army Murray 2002
  Burke, Darrell Wayne   Navy Cremated 11-25-16
  Bush, Ronnie FN Navy  
  Butler, J. C.   Air Force Rising Star  8-5-2011
  Butler, Robert First Sgt Army 75-00  
  Bush, Thomas L. Ranger    
  Byrd, Jack Dalton Pfc Army Eastland - Creamated
  Cagle, Collin Lt (jg) Navy  
  Camacho, Joseph (Joe) Ranger    
  Carmack, William Jay Sp/4 Army  
  Carpenter, Guy No funeral Navy Cisco  12-25-2010
  Carr, Danny Ranger    
  Carroll, Norman G. Ranger    
  Carroll, Robert L. Ranger    
  Carroll, Ronald E. Ranger    
  Casey, Benny D, Ranger    
  Casey, Frank Ranger    
  Casey, Herbert R., Jr. Sgt Air Force  
  Carter, Stephen Reed   Navy  
  Cate, Jerrell Leon   Air Force Murray  10-30-2011
  Cheshire, Michael Raymond Pfc Army Oakwood  10-20-15
  Chestnut, Donnie C. Spec 5 Army Ranger  8-15-2007
  Chestnut, Johnny A. Ranger    
  Chick, Alan Dwaine E-4 Army  
  Clark, Billy K.   Navy P.K. Lake   4-4-2007
  Clark, Bobby L. E-4 Navy  
  Clark, Jerry Randell Sgt Marine William Valley National - Portland, Oregon  8-1-12
  Clay, Johnny Glenn   Army Pendergrass  10-24-2008
Comanche County
  Clayton, Maynard Dale 'Maynard' Pfc Army Clayton Family Cemetery
Desdemona  11-9-2011
  Cockburn, Jimmy W. LTC Army  
  Cohen, Richard   Air Force  
  Conner, Michael Rudolph   Air Force Oakwood 2-15-16
  Conzett, Donald R. SCPO Navy  
  Cook, Adolphus Charles 'A.C.' 2nd Lt Marines Pleasant Grove  9-13-2010
  Copeland II, Shalor Pfc Marines Mount Marion, Strawn
  Cooper, Jr., James Thomas   Air Force Elmwood Park
Abilene 2003
  Cox, Rickey Lee Ranger    
  Cozart, Gerald Ray Ranger Army  
  Cozarat, Helen Cay SSG Army  
  Cozart, Larry Dale SP5 Army  
  Cozby, Warren R. Ranger    
  Creager, Bill Ranger    
  Cross, Patrick E. Ranger    
  Crow, John Melvin Sfc Army  
  Crowder, Terrell Dwayne   Army Oakwood
  Cunningham, Allen Pfc Marines '60-64  
  Curb, Don   Navy Oaklawn    6-16-2015
  Currin, Joe E. Pfc Army Oakwood 11-23-2006
  Cushman, Adrian Michael Pfc Army Eastland  2-9-2009
  Dallas, Doug D. E5 Army  
  Daniel, George McCarty LTC Army Eastland  4-6-2001
  Daskevich, Anthony J. Ranger    
  Daskevich, J. Ronald Col Air Force aviator
  Daskevich, Robert W Sgt Air Force  
  Davenport, Robert E. S/Sgt E-5 Air Force  
  Davies, Darold L. HMC/E-7 Navy  
  Davies, Harold D. Pfc Army Brownwood  10-18-2012
  Davis, Bob E. E-4 Army  
  Davis, Ronald Gene Pfc Army Oakwood  2-27-2015
  Davis, Sammy James 101 Airborne Army Gunsight  2-8-2010
  Dawson, Mark L. Major Army  
  Dawson, Michael Gene   Air Force Cremated
  Deffebach, Don M. 1st Lt Army  
  Deitiker, Kenneth Dale Pfc Army Oakwood  5-8-2011
  Dennis, Richard D. MSG E8 Army  
  Dill Jr.,  Richard Donald   Army Evergreen 2001
  Dixon, James L. 1st Lt Army  
  Dixon, Duke Ranger    
  Donowho, Everett M. Ranger    
  Dorsett, Jimmie Don (30) Chief Master Air Force  
  Douglas, Jr., Clarence Buddy Freeman   Navy Texas State Vet - Abilene
  Dragoo, Donald Ray   Army Oakwood 2003
  Drake, David R. E-4 Navy  
  Dudley, Charles "Harold" E4 Army  
  Dunagan, Alan Wayne Pfc Army Scranton  5-27-2011
  Dunn, Dwight   Air Force Evergreen  11-29-2009
  Dunning, Robert Don S-4 Army  
  Dunson, David Hale S-4 Army Alameda 2003
  Dunson, William A.   Army 1966-69  
  Dupree, Colbert Lawayne Sgt Marines  
  Durham, Jimmy Ranger    
  Eckhart, Jerry M. E-4 Army  
  Edmonds, Kyge C. Ranger    
  Edwards, Carlton L. E-5 Navy  
  Edwards, Joe Ranger    
  Edwards, William Ranger    
  England, Robert Ranger    
  Erwin, Bernice A. Ranger    
  Erwin, Larry B. Ranger    
  Ewing, Marlon Ranger    
  Eudy, William James (Bill) ABE-1 Navy  
  Evans, Francis J. E-4 Marines  
X Everett, Everett White (Bubba) BMa/1c Navy Eastland  7-22-1968
  Everton, Cecil L. Pfc Army  
  Ewell, David Babb   Navy Santa Anna  8-1-2011
  Ewing, Marlon Ranger    
  Ezzell, Richmond T.,Jr.(Skip E-5 Army  
  Ezzell, Willie H. E-4 Army  
  Farrar, James P HM3 Navy Reserve  
  Fergeson, Bill Ranger    
  Ferbeson, Charles Ranger    
  Fergeson, Robert T Ranger    
  Fields, Kenneth L. Spec 4 Army  
  Files, Darrell Gene   Air Force Murray  11-16-2009
  Fisher, Bobby M. Sgt Army Resthaven - Lubbock
  Fonville, Donald R. Frogman Navy  
  Fonville, Earl T. Ranger Army - MP Desdemona  2-7-2009
  Fonville, Phillip R. RMCS/SS Navy  
  Fonville, Thomas E. E-5 Marines  
  Forney, Scott W. Ranger    
  Foster Hatten Earnest "Pete" MP Army Flatwood Ashes 3-5-16
  Fox, Glen Ranger    
  Fox, Ken Derrell E7 Army  
  Frank, Ralph Berlin Ranger Army  
  Franklin, Estel Carl S/ec Navy Eastland  9-14-1995
  Fron, Douglas H. Ranger    
  Fron, Michael R. Ranger    
  Frost, Steven M. Ranger    
  Funderburgh, Cecil W. Jr. E-3 Air Force  
  Gabbert, Delbert George 'Gabby' Sgt/M Marine 22 yrs DFW National  2005
  Gaeta, Nicholas Pfc Army Eastland  2-12-2009
  Gailey, Benny L. Ranger    
  Garcia, Alex Ranger    
  Garrison, Michael Wade Pfc Army Bears Springs 3-6-16
  Gevara, Roy Philip Pfc Army Feb 2015   Eastland
  Gilbert, Iris Carolyn Col Air Force  
  Gilbert, Jack Neal   Air Force 4-28-2014
  Gilbert, Weldon Bruce, Sr. S/Sgt Marines Carbon Restland
  Gosnell, Emet C. E4 Navy  
  Gould, Calvin B. Ranger    
  Graham, Charles SP 4 Army Gorman
X Gray, James Kenneth SN Navy Carbon
  Green, Bobby R. Ranger    
  Greenier, Robert Pfc Army  
  Gregg, Billy Edward   Lt Col Gorman-Oaklawn -2011
  Griffin, Bobby Joe Pfc Army Cisco 4-10-15
  Griffin, Jimmie   Army Mexico 8-22-17
  Hager, Jimmie T. Ranger    
  Halbert, Robert 2nd Lt Air Force  
  Hale, Billy Ronald E-4 Army  
  Hale, Bobby Donald E-4 Army  
  Hale, Leslie U. Ranger    
  Hames, Gary Ranger    
  Hamilton, Andrew M.   Navy Cremated 2002
Port Jervis, NY
  Hamilton, Jimmy D. Ranger    
  Harper, P. Stan Ranger    
  Harris, Benny W. Sgt Marines  
  Harris, Gary G. Sgt E-5 Marines  
  Harrison, Walter Ranger    
  Hartsfield, Don R. Ranger    
  Hartsfield, Dowell Odell Dentist Navy Deceased
  Hatten, Leo Albert Lt Col Army Oakwood 2005
  Hatton. Rickery T. GMT2 Navy  
  Hazard, Jack N. Ranger    
  Hendrix, Joe Ranger    
  Hendrix, Sammy Ranger    
  Henley, Henry Faris M/Sgt Air Force  
  Hennington III, Thomas Howard E3 Navy  
  Hernandez, Jr., Fred E5 Army  
  Hernandez, Polo Ranger    
  Hernandez, Steve Ranger    
  Herrell, Jay Dickie Sgt E5 Army  
  Herrera, Richard Q. Sgt Army Eastland  11-25-1962
  Herweck, Jr., Milard W. SP4 Army  
  Hinds, Paul T. Ranger    
  Hirschfield, Stu E-3 Navy  
  Hise, Gary Ranger    
  Hise, Roy L. S/Sgt Air Force Murray 1984
  Hoag, Joe   Navy  
  Hobbs, Leonard (Len) E-5 Navy  
  Hodge, Garry M Sgt Major Army Lansing, Michigan 1977
  Hodge, Joellen M. Ranger    
  Hodges, David L. Pfc Army Wayland  1-29-2016
  Hollis, James L. Captain Air Force  
  Holmans, Ronald Stevens Sgt E5 Marines  
  Honea, Jack Lee Sgt Air Force Oakwood  12-26-2012
  Honea, Randy W. E-4 Army  
  Hood, Luther Monroe S/5 Army Eastland 1994
  Hooks, Ronald F. Pfc Army  
  Horn, Clifton A., Jr. Colonel Army  
  Huddlestun, Lyle D. E-4 Marine  
  Huerta, Victor Ranger    
  Huffman, Lloyd M. Ranger    
  Hughes, Chester Ray   Navy Oaklawn 11-15-15
  Hughes, Jimmy D. E-4 Army  
  Hughes, Jr., Ollie Andrew 'Andy' Pfc Army Oakwood  1-29-2012
  Hull, Don Armstrong "Herman" Pfc Amry Flatwood 12-20-15
  Hurd, Thomas J. Pfc Navy  
  Hunt, Ronald D. E5 Army  
  Hurst, Claudie Dwayne PV2 Army Murray 1997
  Hutchins, Walter Rantger    
  Imholz, Robert Ranger    
  Ingram, Bobby Ray E7 Army Oakwood  2-14-2010
  Ingram, James Howard T/Sgt Air Force  
  Ivie, Marvin L. MACS(sw) Navy  
  Ivory, Alton J. SSgt Air Force I Know You Are Alive!
There Is No Cemetery Here!
  Jackson, Billy Frank SR Navy Murray 1998
  Jacobs, Larry D SP4 Army  
  Jacoby, Eddie Ranger    
  James, Denneth Wier 'Pat'   Air Force  
  Jameson, Pat K. W. Ranger    
  Jarvis, J. B. J. B. Army Coleman 7-23-2015
  Jimenez, Arturo Ranger    
  Jimenez, Joel E-4 Army 1969  
  Johns, Charles   Navy 66-67  
  Johnson, Gary Lee Pfc Army Flatwood  6-16-2011
  Johnson, Kenneth Earl E-4 Army Flatwood  11-13-2011
  Johnson, Robert A. Pfc Army Eastland 1-22-2016
  Johnson, Willard L. CPO Navy  
  Jolly, Richard E. Ranger    
  Jones, Harold Pfc Army Abilene National  12-25-2012
  Jones, Johnny N. Pfc Army Rising Star  11-25-2006
  Jones, Michael Rex Pfc Army Friisco  8-26-2014
  Jones, Ronnie Lynn. Sgt Army Eastland  8-10-2008
  Jordan, Billy B.   Navy Eastland 5-11-15
  Jordan, Otis Ray SP4 Army Murray 1983
  Joyner, Thomas 'Tommy' Earl   Army DFW National 10-20-07
  Justice, Cyrus Douglas SP4 Army Flatwood  11-7-1989
  Kan, Michael J.   Navy  
  Kea, D. E. 'Gene' E5 Army  
  Keeping, John Freston Pfc Marine Gorman  7-24-2015
  Kendrick, Samuel Ray Pfc Army 8-15-2014
  Kerr, Bill Ranger    
  Kilgore, John H. E-4 Army  
  Kimbrough, Bradley "Brad" E-5 Army  
  Kime, Kenneth D. Ranger    
  King, Edgar Dewey SSgt Army Evergreen  1999
  King, Robert Herbert 1st Lt Army Bullock  2-10-2011
  Kleven, Dennis L MSgt Air Force  
  Knighten, Benjamin Joseph   Army Murray 2006
  Kribbs, Merle W (Buster) Sfc Army Pendergrass 7-17-2015
  Lancaster, Thomas Allen MP Army Hutchinson, KS  1-1-2008
  Landtroop, Michael E.(Mike) E-5 Army  
  Lane, Bobby Lynn Pfc Marine Eula  11-14-2010
  Lawson, Billy C. Ranger    
  Lawson, Joe D. Ranger    
  Leach, Kenneth C 1st Lt Army  
  Lemaster, Benjamin H. Pfc Army San Saba 12-7-15
  Lemonds, Bill D. Ranger    
  Lewis, Harvey L. Jr. Cpl Army Evergreen  6-24-2015
  Lindley, Jr., Charles Nathan Pfc Army DFW Nat-11-22-2011
  Little, Brian Forrest 20 yrs Army Mt Hope  12-14-2008
Anson, Texas
  Little, Mark Nolan E-4 Air Force  
  Lockwood, David Ranger    
  Loe, Donald L. Pfc Army Eastland 8-9-17
  Logon, Randall K. E-4 Army  
  Lohman, Odie C. Msgt Air Force  
  Lopez, Andres Ranger    
  Lucky, David W. Ranger    
  Lucky, Robert (Lynn) Ranger    
  Lusk, Beryl Michael TSgt Air Force  
  Lynchard, James Michael Pfc Army Long Branch 12-27-2009
  Mahaffey, David Ranger    
  Maltby, Kenneth H.   Navy Desdemona 9-7-16
  Martin, Teddy W. SSG E-6 Army  
  Maynard, J. L. Pfc Army Brown  2-21-2010
  Mehaffey, Jerry Paul Pilot Navy Carbon  1-23-2010
  Manchack, John L. Cpl E-4 Marine  
  McAllister, Roy A. Pfc Army Cremation 10-3-15
  McAnelly, Stanley M. Ranger    
  McCall, Hugh E. Colonel Air Force Ft Sam Houston
National Cemetery
  McCanlies, Guy Patrick,Pat SGT E-5 Marines  
  McCanlies, John H. SGT E-5 Army  
  McCleskey, Robert Ranger    
  McCoy, Dennis 'Roy'   Marines Tyler 2003
  McCullough, Thomas Wayne E-5 Army Eastland  12-17-1996
  McGough, Floyd Date Capt


Oakwood  10-1-15
  McKinzie, James T. E-9 Navy  
  McReynolds, Charles Ranger    
  Mendez, Edward M. Ranger    
  Meredith, Ernest Lee Pfc Army Necessity 2005
  Merendino, Frank Louis   Air Force TVC-A 9-18-16
  Miller, Billy Charles Pcf Army Nimrod 9-4-17
  Miller, Donald Ellis T Sgt Air Force Cisco 4-22-15
  Miller, Jourdan Harris   Navy '67-71 Oakwood  10-18-2007
  Miller, Jourdan Harris   Air Force 72-75 Oakwood 10-18-2007
  Miller, Micheal D. PO 3rd Navy  
  Miller, R. L. Pfc Army Ranger  19-13-16
  Monroe, Larry E-5 Army  
  Moore, Jerry  Wayne 'Cotton'   Army Blake 2005
Brown County
  Moore, Larry G. PO 1 Navy  
  Morris, James Clifton 'JC' Sgt - Ranger,TX Army Cremation  3-5-2008
  Mosley, Charles A. Sgt E-5 Army ? - 1996
  Murphy, Paul W. Sp E4 Army Evergreen 2002
  Myers, Robert "Bob"   Air Force Evergreen
  Myers, William 'Bill' Lee Pfc Army 4-23, 2014
  Nelson, Jackie   Army Rising Star 2005
  Nevill, John Ed   Navy Eastland 5-29-16
  Nichols, Billy M. Ranger    
  Norris, Robert Frank Pfc Marines Eastland  8-9-2012
  Notgrass, Bobby J.C. SCPO Navy Asheville, NC
  Noth, Michael D. Ranger Army 72-74  
  O'Brien, Bennie J Pfc Army Scranton 12-1-16
  O'Neill, Bobby Ranger Army 70-78  
  O'Rourke, Earl R. Pvt Army Eastland
  Owen, Jr.,  William A. Lt Col Air Force Ft Sam Houston 1982
  Pack, Rickie E-5 Army  
  Pack, Ronnie Victor E-6 Army  
  Parkinson, William E. 'Bill' Prt Army Llano 8-10-16
  Parkinson, Ronald E. E-5 Air Force  
  Patton, Alton J. Ranger    
  Patton, William M. (Billy) Ranger    
  Pearson, Jack Ranger    
  Pearson III, Lee Roy Ranger    
  Peebles III, Thomas Ezra   Air Force Evergreen  3-2-2012
  Pence, Billy Charles E-4 Navy  
  Penney, R. Dayle Ranger    
  Pierce, George Pvt Army Oakwood  2-8-2014
  Perce, Max Colonel Air Force DFW Nat  6-30-2015
  Pilcher, J. V.  (29 years) CWO4 AAF  
  Pippen, Benny Clarence   Navy Oakwood  2005
  Plumley, Roy R  28 yrs Colonel Army Evergreen
  Pollard, Oscar Ranger    
  Polston, Roger M. Ranger    
  Porter, Carroll E. TSGT Air Force Evergreen - Ranger
  Pugh, Willard L. Ranger    
  Pullman, Saul Cap-JAG Army Reserves 6-22-2010  Eastland
  Purdom, Larry   Air Force Murray  10-16-2009
  Rainey, Larry Pfc Army  
  Ralston, Walter Earle   Navy Evergreen  7-8-2011
  Randall, David Samuel E5 Sgt Marines Corinth ?/ 2006
  Ray, John David   Army Scranton
  Ray, Morrell Herman C/MSgt Air Force Scranton  9-15-2006
  Reeb, Richard Ranger    
  Rener, Samuel Joseph   Navy Oakwood  10-19-2014
  Renteria, Jr., Jesse G. Ranger    
  Reeves, Jr., Earl E. Ranger    
  Reeves, Roscoe, Jr   Navy Gorman 12-13-15
  Richardson, Robert   Army Murray  2005
  Roberts, James E. E4 Army  
  Roberts, Jimmy Lee Pfc Army Tex State Veterans
Abilene  5-10-2011
  Robie, Richard Major Army  
  Robinson, Jim Ranger    
X Rodgers, Larry Joe Pfc Marines Wichita Falls 1968
  Rogers, James Douglas E-5 Navy 67-71  
  Rose, Tommy L. Pvt Army  
  Ross, Wayne (Curly) Ranger    
  Roundtree, Douglas Glen   Air Force Baird  8-16-2008
  Rush, John B. Ranger    
  Rushing, Allen T. Ranger    
  Ruthledge, Bradley M. E-4 Army  
  Saltsman, Henry C. E-5 Navy  
  Sanders, Carole A. Ranger    
  Sanders, Michael C. Ranger Navy 1963  
  Santos, Charlie De Los Ranger    
  Sargent, Ed (Eddie) Don E-5 Navy Buried At  Sea
  Scarborough, Rocky Lee   Navy VA-Chattooga,TN  10-16-2012
  Scarborough, Rodney  Lee Pfc Army Oakwood  8-22-2012
  Schaefer, Danny R. SSgt Air Force  
  Scheuren, Sr. Ronald 'Ron'   Air Force Cremated 10-28-2008 Cisco
  Schlumbohm, Duane R. 31yrs SMSGT Air Force  
  Schuyler, Carl Dean Cpl Army Oakwood  2006
  Seabourn, Forrest Douglas   Air Force Corinth  1-13-2008
  Seabourn, Joe A2c Air Force  
  Seabourn, Johnny C. E-5 Navy  
  Seabourn, Woodrow W. SFC Army Corinth
  Seay, Jr., Roscoe Rev Pfc Marine Moran  10-23-2010
  Sellers, Barney  20 years Sgt Army  
  Seymour, Kenneth W. Ranger    
  Seymour, Robert O. Ranger    
  Sharp, E. J. SP4 Army Eastland  2006
  Sharp,  Jimmy A. S-4 Army  
  Shoemake, James Harold   Navy Staff  6-14-2008
  Shofner, Sr., James M.   Navy Rising Star 2-2-2013
  Simmons, Robert B.   Navy Evergreen  2004
  Simpson, Larry L. Ranger Army  
  Sipes, Marvin Ranger    
  Sledge, Lanny E. Ranger    
  Smith, Fred David Sgt Army Oakwood  9-29-2012
  Smith, Homer Ranger    
  Smith Jr.,  John L. Ranger Army  
  Smith, Larry G   Air Force  
  Smith, Paul J.   30 years Officer Navy Oakwood  2005
  Smith, Tommy Ranger Army 1965  
  Snodgrass, Jimmy Ray   Navy Sequin View  7-23-06
  Snyder, Eddie Lee   Air Force Grapevine  2005
  Southerland, Jerry L. CWO-2 Army Merriman 11-25-2014
  Speed, David Ranger    
  Speegle, Robert Bruce Pfc Army Cisco  10-24-16
  Squiers, Dwight Y. Sgt Air Force  
  Squires, Jerry   Army & AF Rochelle  2005
  Squyres, Ricky Ranger    
  Standard, Walter Merritt E-4 Marines  
  Starky, Gary D. E4 Army  
  Steddum, Clifton SP5 Army  
  Stephens, James C. Ranger    
  Stewart, Joe E. MSgt Air Force  
  Stone, Alfred Lee   Navy Rising Star  3-19-2012
  Stroud, Ronnie Dale SP4 Army  
  Stroud, Roy L. Pfc Army Eastland   6-16-1972
  Stuart, Robert Pfc Army Oakwood 9-5-2015
  Sublett, Michael J. Corp Marine  
  Sue, Ray Eugene E6 Army  
  Sunday, Preston Ranger    
  Sunday, Roland Ranger Navy 75-86  
  Sutton, David A. Ranger    
  Sutton, H. T. Ranger    
  Sutton, Terrance W. Ranger    
  Swinney, Jimmy Ranger    
  Swinney, Johnny Ranger    
  Tankersley, Larry Pfc Army  
  Tarver, Paul Allen   Army Lingleville  2003
  Taylor, Jr., Billy Joe   Navy-Seebees  
  Tesch, Emmitt O. MSgt Army Ranger 2-17-16
  Thayer, Robert E. Ranger    
  Thomas, Wade Pfc Army Eastland  9-2-2009
  Thompson, Arl W. C-Sgt-Maj Army  
  Tibbels, Charles Williams Pfc Army Res Ranger 6-9-16
  Tipton, Leonard E. CW3 Army  
  Tone, James Emerson   Army  
  Toof, Donald Gene   Air Force Hay Springs, NE 2-27-09
  Tucker, Audrey Pfc Nat Guard Pleasant H. 1-2-2016
  Tucker, Freddie D. (Fred) S/Sgt Army  
  Tucker, James Lee Pfc Army Gorman 6-7-17
  Tucker, Monte R.   Navy Eastland 11-19-15
  Tucker, Walter L. Jr. Ranger    
  Tully  Jr., William Roland   Navy  
  Turner, Robert 'Bob' Eugene   Army Oakwood  2004
  Turner, Robert L.   Air Force Oakwood  2004
X Tyrone, Willie Donald S/Sgt Marines Carbon
  Underhill, Kenneth W. CWO-4 Marines  
  Van Cleave, Larry R. Sfc Army  
  Vasquez, Alfonso M. Ranger    
  Vasquez, Johnny Ranger    
  Vass, Ronald Lee Pfc E-3 Army  
X Venable, Joseph Alvin Major Army-28 yrs Ft Sam Houston
National  1968
  Vernon, Dean A. SP5 Army  
  Vernon, Don M. 1st Sgt Army  
  Vicars, Howell Thomas "Bud"   Navy Cremation 8-22-16
  Viehmann, Richard L., Sr. BucSe8 Navy,S  
  Waddington, Jack Bob CDR Navy  
  Walker, Charles G. Lt Col Air Force Eastland  6-10-2012
  Walker, David J. "D.J." E-4 Navy Seabees  
  Walker, James R. Spec 5 Army  
  Walker, Wesley Roger B-58 Crew Chief A1C Air Force Rowlett, Tx  4-8-2012
  Wallace, Jr., Forbes Lee   Army Oakwood  2003
X Wallace, Jerald D. 1st Lt Army Cisco
  Walton, Hal E. Ranger    
  Walton, Joe Dale E-4 Army  
  Walton, Thomas W. Chief Petty Officer Navy - 20 Yr  
  Warden, Jerry Lt Col Army  
  Warren, Larry Wayne Pfc Marines Cisco 6-1-16
  Watson, Charles Stacey   Navy Pleasant Hill - Creamated
  Watson, Jack W. MSgt Air Force  
  Watts, Donald D. MSgt Army  
  Webb, Bill K A1C Air Force Allen, Tx  3-31-2012
  Webb, Bobby Don Cpl Marines  
  Webb, Donald R., Sr   Navy Eastland  2-16-2015
  Webb, Ronald Rex FT-2 Navy  
  Weise, David W. Sgt E-5 Army  
  Wesley, Joe G Spec 4 Army  
  Wesley, Robert E. Ranger    
  Wharton, David Ranger    
  White, Carl H. Jr. Ranger    
  White, Charles H. Spec 4 Army  
  White, Charles L. Ranger    
  White, Frank (Gunny) H. 24yrs Ranger Marines 7-15-2010  Body To Science
  White, George M. Sgt E-5 Marines  
  White, Jerry Don Ranger    
  White, Morris D. Lt. Col Air Force  
  White, Ronnie   Navy


  Whitehead, Jerry D. E-5 Army Oakwood  9-5-2015
  Wier, Donald K. Ranger    
  Willoughby, David Pfc Army Eastland  2-21-2011
  Wilson, James Weston Cpl Army Eastland
  Wood, William 'Bill' Lewis QM2c Navy Oakwood  2005
  Woodruff, James Ell Ranger Army Evergreen  9-6-2008
  Woodruff, Luther Ranger    
  Woods, William 2nd Lt Army  
  Wooldridge, Daniel (Danny)   Army Oakland-Gorman 2005
  Wortman, James 'Jim' Oliver Cpl Army Eastland  9-18-2008
  Wright, Terry W. E-4 Army  
  Wright, William B. 1st Lt Army  
  Yancey, Jimmie W. Spec 5 Army  
  Yarbrough, Boone C. Ranger    
  Yarbrough, Preston   Air Force Staff  12-3-2014
  Young, Billy Ranger Army Deceased
  Young, Tommy R. Ranger    
  Zollinger, Dirk L. Spec 4 Army  

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