Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas


World War I    1917 - 1918

If you know of anyone that is not  listed.  Please go to the "Information Form"
below and submit their name, rank, branch of service, died in action and  name
of cemetery, if deceased.
Appreciate your interest in making this a complete list of
veterans of  Eastland County, Texas.

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   "X"  -  Died in Action
X Name Rank Branch Cemetery
  Abbott, John W.      
  Abernathy, Eurah      
  Abernathy, John N.      
  Adams, Robert Roy Pvt Army Murray '85
  Ainsworth, Otho P.      
  Akers, Lige Gilmore      
  Alexander, Clinton L.      
  Alford, Benjamin Frank First to Enlist
in Eastland County
Navy Ingleside, TX
  Alford, Leroy      
  Allen, A. V.      
  Allen, David L.      
  Allen, Henry Webster      
  Allen, Ivan J.      
  Allen, Luther      
  Allen, Marcy F.      
  Allen, Roy Lewis Pvt Army Eastland 1958
  Allen, W. M.      
  Alsabrook, Shelly Hill      
  Alsabrook, William A.      
  Ames, J. B.      
  Amos, Roy Tunnell      
  Anderson, Charles D.      
  Anderson, Charles Newton      
  Anderson, Fillmore Ross      
  Anderson, George K.      
  Anderson, Hobson Dewey      
  Andrews, Eugene E. Sgt Maj Army Eastland 1951
  Archer, Claude Lee      
  Aston, William Arvel Pfc AAC Eastland 1962
  Atchley, Jim      
  Avery, William E.      
X Aycock, Clyde A. Pfc Army Cisco
X Bailey, Edgar A. Pvt Army  
  Bailey, Luther      
  Bailey, Thomas R.      
ok Baker, Alvin Bryan Pvt Army Eastland
  Ball, Robert H. Sgt Army Eastland 1954
  Barber, Jarad P.      
  Barber, Julian B.      
  Barefield, Jim      
  Barker, Wayne      
  Barksdale, Squire      
  Barlow, Thomas Jefferson      
  Barnes, Alfonzo      
X Barnes, Edgar Carl  Pvt Army Bullock  2-5-1918
X Barnes, E. J.      
  Barnes, James Richard      
  Barnes, Jim W.      
  Barnes, Martin M.      
  Barnett, James L.      
  Barton, John F.      
  Basham, William F.      
  Baskin, Melvin Olon      
  Baughman, Mark D.      
  Baughman, Rufus      
  Beall, Oscar      
  Beard, Harry Dean Pvt Army Eastland 1953
  Beard, James Wesley      
  Bearden, Claude      
  Beasley, Joseph A.      
  Bedford, Charley H.      
  Bedford, Goodner      
  Bell, Buster      
  Bender, Earl      
  Bender, Edward Fred Pvt Army Flatwood
  Bender, Ivy C. Pvt AAC Eastland 1970
  Benson, Joe      
  Bennett, Eddie F.      
  Bennett, George Franklin      
  Berry, Elmer      
  Berton, John M.      
  Bettis, Edward C.      
  Bills, Elmer E.      
  Bills, Fred Downtain Pfc Army Eastland 1950
  Bishop, James Garland      
X Bishop, Robert M. Pvt Army Long Branch 1918
  Blackstock, William      
  Blackwell, Almus J.      
  Blackwell, Edward C.      
  Blackwell, George T.      
  Blackwell, Thomas W.      
  Blair, Fred      
  Blankenship, Joseph D. Sgt Army Eastland 1959
  Blankenship, Lon      
  Bledsoe, Clyde O.      
  Bledsoe, Blake O.      
  Bledsoe, Boyd B.      
  Bledsoe, Wade A.      
  Blitch, M. E.      
  Boase, Joyce      
  Boase, Paul O.      
  Boatwright, Elmer W.      
  Boggs, Brady      
  Boggs, Sylvester R.      
  Bond, Gus D.      
  Bond, Joel T.      
  Boney, Adan H.      
  Boney, Dave      
  Boon, Howard      
X Boon, Reid  (From Cisco) Pvt Army St. Mihiel American, France
  Bostic, James M.      
Boyd, Alvin J.
  Boyd, George Dewes      
  Boyd, Lory F.      
  Breed, Thomas T.      
  Brelsford, Harry      
  Brelsford, Homer, Jr.      
  Brewer, Bemous Webb      
  Brock, Ernest J.      
  Boughton, Henry W.      
  Brown, Alton W.      
  Brown, Arnold M.      
  Brown, James Orville      
  Brown, Luther H. Pfc Army Flatwood
  Brown, Ragan Lanham      
  Brown, Richard C.      
  Brown, Robert A.      
  Brown, Sr., William Morris Pfc Army Ranger
  Browning, Claude M.      
  Browning, Claude M.      
  Broyles, Roy D. C.      
  Bruce, Earl P.      
  Bryan, Byron Brooks      
X Bryan, Francis M. 2Lt Army Cisco
  Bryant, Daniel E. Littleton Cpl Army Med Eastland 1951
  Bucy, Archie L.      
  Bucy, William Franklin      
  Bucy, Seth      
  Burns, Earnest E.      
  Burns, Edward B.      
  Burns, Fred      
  Bush, George W.      
  Butler, Albert Q      
  Butler, Carl Luther      
X Butts, John W. Maj Army Cisco
  Cabaness, Haywood      
  Cabaness, W. R.      
  Caldwell, Jess D. Pvt Army Murray '68
  Camp, Ennis W.      
  Canafax, John T.      
  Canaris, Joseph Nicholas Pfc Army Eastland 1958
  Canet, Oliver Ammie Pvt Army Eastland 1973
  Carey, Thomas N.      
  Carpenter, Ray Lewis Pvt Army Eastland 1957
  Carroll, Wesley C.      
  Carter, Billie D.      
  Carter, Jesse C. Pvt Army Eastland 1972
  Carter, William Joseph      
  Carter, William Stanley     Center Point
  Carver, Ode P.      
  Cavenaugh, Jesse T.      
  Chaney, Jack C.      
  Chapman, Claarence C.      
  Christmas, Alva A.      
  Christmas, Alvie H. Pvt Army Eastland 1965
  Claborn, Alex E.      
  Clark, Albert      
  Clark, Elmer      
  Clark, Samuel L      
  Clements, Samuel R.      
  Clements, William Dall      
  Clemner, Homere R.      
  Cliner, John H.      
  Coffman, Arthur      
  Cogborn, Albert William Pvt Army Eastland 1974
  Cogborn, Willie R.      
  Cogburn, Walter Edward Cook Army Eastland 1981
  Coldwell, Tillman H.      
  Collins, John      
  Comer, Henry C.      
  Comer, Hillory Erwin      
  Compton, Samuel B.      
  Cook, Fred      
  Cook, Henry      
  Cooper, Onus A.      
  Cooper, Thornton      
  Coor, Charles      


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Branch of Service
Which War/s or Years
Lived in What Town
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