Eastland  County  Veterans
Eastland, Texas


World War II    1941 - (1946 Click Here)

If you know of anyone that is not  listed.  Please go to the "Information Form"
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of cemetery, if deceased.
Appreciate your interest in making this a complete list of
veterans of  Eastland County, Texas.

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   "X"  -  Died in Action
X Name Rank Branch Cemetery
  Abel, Robert H., Jr. Sgt Army  
  Abels, Melvin C. Pvt    
  Ables, Vernon Edward   Navy Gorman 2005
  Adams, Charles "Macon" CMO Navy Elmwood 2005
  Adams, Helen L. 1/c Waves  
  Adams, Howard C. Sgt Army  
  Adams, James Dalton   Navy Oakwood 2004
  Adams, Joseph V. 1/c Navy  
  Adams, Lannie Carlton S/Sgt AAC  
  Adams, Louis Glen   Army Eastland 1994
  Adcock, Billy Jean GM 2/c Navy  
  Addy, Ervin Eldrid, Jr., Dr. Cap A-Med Oakland
  Addy, Inagene S/Sgt Marines Restland,Cisco
  Agnew, Eldridge A.   Navy  
  Agnew, Estes Eugene   Navy  
  Agnew, James Ed Mcmm 2/c Navy  
  Agnew, Maurice L. Pfc AAC  
  Ainsorth, Jessie A.      
  Akers, Robert B. Cpl Army  
  Akers, Christine A. Ensign Navy  
  Akers, Joseph C. Pfc AAC  
  Akers, Larkin James   Navy Oakwood  3-26-2010
  Akin, Max Eugene Gunner Mate Navy Granbury  12-6-2006
Monahans Memorial
  Alexander, H.D. T/Sgt AAF  
  Alexander, Gordon D. T/5 Army  
  Alexander Jr., James Doss Pfc Army Pioneer  1-19, 2012
  Alexander, Preston A. S 2/c Navy  
  Alford, Chester Grady Sgt Army Eastland  8-4-2006
  Alford, Edgar Allen S 2/c Navy  
  Alford, David Gaston Lt.Col AAC Remains donated to Medical School
Died  5-20-2002
  Alford, Frank B. Colonel Air Force Fort Sam Houston-Rising Star
  Alford, Lynn   CG  
  Alford, Robert  L. (Doc) C.MoMM Navy Merriman  8-4-2007
  Alford, Thomas Monroe MoMM 3/c Navy Eastland 1976
  Alldredge, Arlin L. (Red) Pfc Army Oaklawn
  Alldredge, Floyd Arthur M/Sgt Army Eastland  10-27-2007
  Alldredge, Lynvoy Cpl Army  
  Allen, D. D.   AAC Eastland 2004
  Allen, Floyd D. Sgt Army  
  Allen, James Richard   Navy McClanahan, Marlin
  Allgoog, Elerice D.      
  Allison, Euell E. T/Sgt AAC Bear Springs  7-24-2007
  Alsabrook, Billy Gene AMM 3/c Navy  
  Altamirano, Mike Cpl Arm  
  Alvey, Lawrence E. Pfc Army  
X Ames, J. B., Jr. Lt AAC Evergreen 1943
X Anderson, Aaron "Abie" S/Sgt Army Nettuno, Italy
  Anderson, Bailey Albert Sonic Tech Navy  
  Anderson, Beauford T/Sgt Army  
  Anderson, Billy C. F 2/c Navy  
  Anderson, Clyde Pvt Army  
  Anderson, Eldon D. T/Sgt Army  
  Anderson, Hubert Chessie Cp AAC Deceased
  Anderson, James Everett S/Sgt AAC  
X Anderson, James Calhoun Ensign Navy Cisco
  Anderson, Joe R. Pvt Marines  
  Anderson, M.W."Bud" Capt Marines  
  Anderson, Norman Lee AMS 3/c Navy  
  Anderson, Otis R. T/Sgt Army  
  Anderson, Paul "Andy" S1 Navy Eastland 1987
  Anderson, Roy Dalton BM 2/c Navy Desdemona '03
  Anderson, Troy CPO Navy  
  Anderson, William J. F  2/c Navy  
  Anderson, William R. Pfc Army  
  Andrews, Clifton     Korea & Vietnam Sgt Army Oakwood 7-11-06
  Andrews,  James Charles Sgt Air Force  
  Andrews, Lee   Army Evergreen "02
  Andrews, Pete   Navy  
  Anglin, Curtis W.      
  Anglin, Tharan Ferrell Sgt Army  
  Angus, Hershel E. Lt. Col Army Evergreen, Ranger 1979
  Armstrong, Billy J. Pvt Army  
  Armstrong, James F. (Jeff)   AAC Elmwood - Abilene  8-1-2012
  Armstrong, Roy R. Sgt Army  
  Armstrong, Ward C. Pvt Army  
X Arnett, Johnny Pvt Army  
  Arney, Billy L. Pfc Army  
  Arnold, Quincy G., Jr. S/Sgt AAC  
  Arnold, Richard D., Sr Pfc Army Flatwood 10-24-15
  Arnold, Roger L. Capt AAC  
  Arnold, Wayne J S 1/c Navy Oakwood  3-1-2010
  Arrendale, James Pvt Army  
  Arterburn, D. C. MM 2/c CG  
  Arterburn, Ernest L. T/3 Army  
  Arterburn, Leonard P. Pfc Army  
  Arterburn, Walter James MM 2/c Navy  
  Arther, Jeannette L. 1st Lt Army Eastland 1998
  Arther, Joe B. (Tip) M Sgt Army Eastland 1993
  Ash, John A (Sr).   Army Oakwood 2003
  Ashcraft, Alethea Bernice Pfc WAC  
  Aston, D. B. CM2 Navy Res Eastland 1969
  Atkins, James E. Sgt Army  
X Ayers, Roy Lee RD 3/c Navy Cisco
  Babbs, Charles E.      
  Bachman, Efferson D. Sgt AAC  
POW Bacon, Bobby Terrell Sgt Marines State Veterans Cemetery - Killeen
  Bagley, Jack P. Cpl Army  
  Bagwell, Willard William CSF Navy Eastland 1984
  Baker, H. L.      
X Baker, William C. 2nd Lt Army  
  Bailey, Bobby G. GM 2/c Navy  
  Bailey, Halon P. T/Sgt AAC  
  Bailey, Gayle 1st Lt AAC  
  Bailey, Herman      
  Bailey, Melvin Davis,  Jr. 1st Lt AAC  
  Baird, Lenin Debs (L.D.)   Navy Scranton 1-2-2017
  Baird, Vernon Edwin MM2 Navy Res Eastland 1968
  Baker, Claude Pfc Army Eastland 1989
  Baker, Ewing "Jack", Jr. Capt AAC Eastland 1993
  Baker, Ronald Lee   Navy Oakwood 2004
  Balch, Willard B. PhM 1/c Navy  
  Ball, Henry Phil AM 2/c Navy  
  Ball, Claybourn N. Pfc AMC  
  Ball, R. Norman MSgt Army Oakwood 1984
  Bankston, Billy Q. Momm 2/c Navy  
  Barbee, Benny Lee Pfc Army  
X Barbee, John H. Pfc Army Netherlands
  Bargsley, Coy L. Cpl Army Macedonia 6-6-17
  Bargsley, James H. Pfc Army Evergreen 2005
  Barham, Albert S. T/Sgt    
  Barker, John Francis PaM 1/c Navy  
  Barnes, Billy M. Cpl Army  
X Barnes, Durwood      
  Barnes, N. P. T/Sgt AAF  
  Barnett, Jack L  Sgt Army Ardmore, OK 1992
  Barnett, William C.   Marine  
  Barnhill, Wayne L. CPO Navy  
  Barnhill, James Carroll CPO Navy  
X Barnhill, Oscar  C. S/Sgt AAC  
  Barron, Johnnie E. A/S Navy  
  Barron, Tony J.   Navy Murray 1987
  Barton, Vernice E. GM 1/c Seabees  
  Barton, Virgil E. Sgt Army  
  Barton, Myrlon Jack Cpl Army  
  Basham, Arnold A.   Army  
  Basham, Jack James   Navy  
  Baskin, H. L., Jr. (Bud) RM 3/v Navy  
  Baskin, M. L. (Bub) RM 3/c Navy  
  Battles, James W. Sgt Army  
  Batts,  Billy Joe MM 3/c Navy Seabees Eastland  8-25-2006
  Baze, Clarence D. Chief  M/Sgt Air Force Midlothian 1981
  Baze, Earl M.   Navy  
  Baze, Rayneal O. S 1/c Navy Murray, Carbon  2000
  Baze, Graydon W. B Sgt AAC Oaklawn, Gorman 1991
  Beall, Wade F. F2c Navy Merriman  3-26-2010
  Bean, Leonard Murray PhM 1/c Navy  
  Bean, Luther L. 1st Lt Army Eastland 1975
  Beaty, Roy Lee Sgt AAC Eastland 1969
  Beck, Billie Dean   Air Force Bullock  8-3-2010
  Beck, Corvis L. Pfc Army Bullock  6-30-2009
  Beck, Lloyd Sgt Army Evergreen
  Been, Truman Pvt Army Murray
  Beggs, Donald L. Pfc Army Eastland 1953
  Beggs, John Taylor Pvt Army  
  Beggs, William David Pfc Army Onion Creek Mem. Park
Austin, Texas  12-29-2006
  Beighley, Hazel Faircloth Lt ANC Merriman  4-10-2008
  Beighley, George E. Pfc Army  
  Beil, John Arthur Cpl Marines Eastland 1993
  Bell, Carl E. W. M/Sgt Army  
  Belyen, Frank M. T/5 Army  
  Benefield, Jack Barry Corp Marine Live Oak, Brady  11-20-12
  Bennett, George Elbert Sgt Army Simpson  9-15-2009
  Bennett, Hollis Edwin Pvt Army  
  Bennett, Johnnie Wayne Cook 2/c Navy  
  Bennett, L. A. Pfc AAC  
  Bennett, Odis Don "Gumpie S 1/c Navy Eastland 1996
  Bennett, Troy Lynn Pfc Army  
  Bennett, Vernon E. Cpl AAC  
  Bentley, James G.      

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Lived in What Town
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